2023 Ski to Defeat ALS

Go Getters SKI to Defeat ALS

Thanks for visiting our team page. Together The Go Getters are challenging ALS and making a difference in the lives of those impacted by this devastating disease. We are a part of 2023 Ski to Defeat ALS - Team Challenge ALS because we are skiing in memory of my father, Ken McFerren and my sister, Kristi Smith, who bravely battled ALS. We are committed to raising money and awareness to support people right in our community who are living with ALS. The time is now to join us and help us push towards a treatment and a cure.

Test your strength, push your limits, and fight ALS with us!  Join the 2023 Ski to Defeat ALS - Team Challenge ALS or make a donation towards our goal today. Or even better - do both!

Join our team and become a part of  the 2023 Ski to Defeat ALS - Team Challenge ALS on April 1st, 2023 at Eldora Mountain. 
Simply click the "Join Team" link on our team roster.

Make a donation
Help us reach our goal! Select one of our fantastic participants below. Click their name to donate on their behalf. All the money donated from this page will support our team's overall goal.

Thank you for your consideration and support to help defeat ALS!


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