The only information you will need to be ready to roll at the  
18th annual Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS and Walk on September 24, 2022!

This Event Day Details guide will serve as a comprehensive resource for you and should answer any questions you may have, so please save this link! In this overview, we will provide information on the following:

1. The Basics – Date, Time, Address, Parking, COVID-19 Safety Protocols, and Check-In Information

2. The Routes
 – Start Times, Rest Stops, Closing Times, Important Phone Numbers

3. The Rules – Our guide for how to participate safe and smart, while still having a great time

4. The Packing List – Our list of the essentials to bring on Saturday

5. What is Included What you have to look forward to before and after your Ride or Walk

6. Livestream Watch Party InformationLearn more about how to share our event day Livestream Watch Party link with friends, family, and supporters who can't be in attendance

As a reminder, online registration is closed, so any friends or family who want to join you can register at the event for $150 for riders, and $45 for walkers. If you have any questions, please email us at

HOTLINE NUMBER: 707-247-5445

1. The Basics

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2022

Please see "The Routes" for your route's start time.

Address: Justin Siena High School, 4026 Maher St. Napa, CA, 94558
Please note -- our event will be hosted on the lawn behind the Napa School of Music ("North Lawn")

Free, but limited space in the High School parking lots. Once those are full, street parking will be available in the neighborhood adjacent to the school. We encourage all participants to carpool if possible. You will be directed to the next available parking spot once you arrive.
Be aware that cyclists and pedestrians will be present; please drive slowly!

Event Day Check-In: Each registered participant will need to check in at the "Check-In" tent upon arrival. Please be sure to arrive early enough to give time for parking, check-in, and to have some breakfast before your route start time. Through this speedy process, you will… 

  • Be given your pre-assigned bib number

  • Sign a COVID-19 Waiver (this is a separate waiver than the one signed during online registration and will be required for all in-person attendees)

  • Pick up a printed copy of your route turn-by-turn (Online turn-by-turns: 100-mile, 62-challenge, 62-lite, 47-mile, 28-mile, 9-mile, Walk)

  • Pick up any fundraising incentives you have earned -- please note that we used our best efforts to order an accurate quantity of incentive items by our ordering deadline, yet it is difficult to predict and calculate final numbers. These items are first come, first served. If we do not have your size available, you will let our wonderful volunteers know and we will place an order post-event for the item(s), which will be shipped directly to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  • You can also turn in any donations you have collected or make your own donation (cash, checks, and credit cards -- all accepted!)

Early Check-In: Skip the line! As a reminder, we are offering Early Check-In on Friday, September 23 from 12 - 4 PM PDT at Justin-Siena High School at the lawn behind the Napa School of Music. If you check in at this time, you will not need to check in on Saturday morning.

Fundraising Minimum Requirement
- it is agreed upon at the time of registration that each individual rider (18 years and older) must meet or exceed the $150 fundraising minimum by the day of the ride. If you do not meet this minimum, we cannot allow you to ride at our event and will not provide you with a bib, which will be needed to receive support on the route and at rest stops. If you decide that you would still like to ride, you can either make a donation to meet the $150 amount, or you will need to fill out a "promise to pay" agreement, with a valid credit card, which will give you six (6) weeks following the ride to raise the minimum, or pay the remaining balance.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols: All attendees will be asked to sign a COVID-19 waiver upon arrival. Please view all of our COVID-19 Safety Protocols and our guidelines here. We are doing all we can to ensure to safety of this community, so thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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2. The Routes

The courses will open based on the times listed below. We will announce when it’s time for each route to line up at the start line. Start times are set to allow plenty of time to complete your route, maximize all of the rest stops, and to stay within the boundaries of our permits. We require that you start at your route’s appointed time. Please do not begin before the appointed times as we will not have all of our rest stops or support and gear (SAG) vehicles in place.

IMPORTANT: If you need assistance on the route, we will have SAG vehicles spaced out along the course, ready to help. To access a SAG, please call our Ride Hotline at 707-247-5445, and they will dispatch assistance. In case of a medical emergency, please call (707) 253-0911 (Napa’s local 911 call center). We will have the American Medical Response team set up with ambulance services to be dispatched, if needed, as well as medical professionals on the course.


Rest Stops

100-Mile ( Purple ) 

Check-In Opens @ 5:45AM
Route Opens @ 6:30AM
Purple Route Markers (or "ALL ROUTES")
Route maps can be found here.

1. St. Stephen's Episcopal Church @ 18.1mi
2. Lake Hennessey @ 29.6mi

3. Pope Valley Farm Center @ 41.8mi
4. Freemark Abbey @ 56.4mi
5. Strawberry Corner @ 77.3mi
6. Fish & Game @ 86.6mi

62-Mile CHALLENGE ( Blue )

Check-In Opens @ 6:30AM
Route Start Time @ 7:30AM
Blue Route Markers (or "ALL ROUTES")
Route maps can be found here.

1. Lake Hennessey @ 17.4mi
2. Pope Valley Farm Center @ 29.6mi
3. Strawberry Corner @ 43.0mi
4. Fish & Game @ 52.4mi


62-Mile LITE ( Red )

Check-In Opens @ 6:30AM
Route Start Time @ 7:30AM
Red Route Markers (or "ALL ROUTES")
Route maps can be found here.

1. Freemark Abbey @ 19.8mi

2. Strawberry Corner @ 40.7mi
3. Fish & Game @ 50.0mi

47-Mile (Black )

Check-In Opens @ 7:00AM
Route Start Time @ 8:00AM
Black Route Markers (or "ALL ROUTES")
Route maps can be found here.


1. Lake Hennessey @ 17.4mi
2. Fish & Game @ 36.9mi

28-Mile ( Green )

Check-In Opens @ 8:30AM
Route Start Time @ 9:30AM

Green Route Markers (or "ALL ROUTES")
Route maps can be found here.

1. Fish & Game @ 17.2mi

The 9-Mile ( Yellow )

Check-In Opens @ 9:30AM
Route Start Time @ 10:30AM

Yellow Route Markers (or "ALL ROUTES")
Route maps can be found here.



Check-In Opens @ 10:00AM
Walk Start Time @ 11:00AM

Walkers will follow a Walk Leader in a short course (1 mile) around the neighborhood. Important note: The sidewalks in this area are uneven. We are doing all we can to make this walk fun and safe and will have volunteer monitors at your service out on the route! We appreciate your understanding.
Route map can be found here.



Rest Stop Information -- Opening and Closing Times





St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

100 mile



Lake Hennessey

47 mile
100 mile



Freemark Abbey

62 mile LITE
100 mile



 Pope Valley Farm Center

100 mile



Fish & Game

28 mile
47 mile
62 mile LITE
100 mile



Strawberry Corner 
(SW Corner of Silverado Trail
& Deer Park)

62 mile LITE
100 mile



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3. The Rules: Participating Safely

For Cyclists/Riders:

Please be mindful of these guidelines as you are out on the course. All are important parts in ensuring your safety and the safety of those you will be sharing the road with. This is a community ride that depends on the behavior of our participants. Be courteous, kind, and forgiving to everyone on the road.

This is not a race on a closed course.

  • Be extra careful at the few locations where our routes cross Silverado. We have volunteer route monitors (who will be wearing red crew shirts and bright orange or yellow safety vests) at these locations to look out for traffic when crossing. Pay attention to those volunteers. We are not allowed to stop traffic.
  • Follow all rules and laws of the road. CHP will be present and will issue tickets.
  • Ride single file – all the way to the right – especially on narrow shoulders or when cars are close.
  • Stop at all stop signs.
  • Use hand signals when turning, merging, or slowing down to a stop.
  • Pass only on the left.  Be sure to let the rider being over taken know (politely) you are passing on the left.
  • Wear your helmet when on your bike.
  • No headphones on the course. You need to be able to hear cars and other riders.
  • Don't litter. There are trash and recycling receptacles at all rest stops.
  • Signal to following riders about debris and obstacles on the road.
  • Alert other riders about vehicles approaching. Say “car back,” if a car is approaching from the rear.
  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  Remember, it is going to be a hot day – so drink lots of water and electrolytes!
  • Thank the volunteers on the route, at the rest stops, and at the Vets Home. Most of them woke up earlier than you and are running purely on smiles, hugs, and high-fives.

We know that you have all heard these before, but it is extremely important that you follow these pointers. We can only continue hosting this ride if our participants are respectful of other riders and vehicles on the road and abide by these rules. Let's be sure we're able to host this event for years to come. Thank you!

For Walkers:

This year's walk route will be about one mile through the neighborhoods surrounding Justin-Siena High School. You may experience some "rough road" on the sidewalks during the walk. We are doing our best to make this year's walk safe and friendly for everyone and will have volunteer monitors at your service out on the route. Be sure to help your fellow walkers when needed and thank the volunteers on the route! We appreciate your understanding.

IMPORTANT: If you need assistance on the route, we will have SAG vehicles spaced out along the course, ready to help. To access a SAG, please call our Ride Hotline at 707-247-5445, and they will dispatch assistance. In case of a medical emergency, please call (707) 253-0911 (Napa’s local 911 call center). We will have the American Medical Response team set up with ambulance services to be dispatched, if needed, as well as medical professionals on the course.

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4. The Packing List

As mentioned earlier, your parking spot may be a short walk (or ride) from the Check-In and Festival site (the lawn behind the Napa School of Music), so please be sure to remember these items when you leave your vehicle. **Please do not leave any valuables in your vehicle.**

  • Your I.D. – You will need this both to check in for your route and to verify your age if you want to enjoy wine or beer in the afternoon festival!

  • A mask - Please review our COVID-19 Safety Protocols before arriving at Justin-Siena High School. Masks are required at Check-In as well as at any Food/Drink stations.

  • Any donations you'd like to turn in – We can collect donations at Check-In, so don’t forget to bring any that you’ve been saving!

  • Your credit card or cash – You can purchase beer, wine, opportunity drawing tickets, and make additional donations throughout the day – all to benefit our ALS community!

  • A helmet – All riders are REQUIRED to wear a helmet.

  • Water bottle(s) – We will have lots of water for you to fill up along the course, so please bring your own water bottles to use throughout the day. 

  • Cell phone – Bring this with you on the route!

  • Tire repair kits -- Just in case (Our support teams will also have these, but it's always good to have more).

  • Picnic blankets - This year we have a large lawn space under the shade of the trees -- perfect for a picnic to enjoy your BBQ lunch, beverages, and live music!

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5.  What is Included:

Breakfast* -- We will have bagels, yogurt, fruit, snacks, coffee, and water for you

Rest Stops* -- Water refill, bars, snacks, fruit, and more

Lunch* -- BBQ lunches will be provided by Tony Caters once again!

*IMPORTANT: If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please notify us as soon as possible. We will do what we can to accomodate you. If you have severe allergies, please consider bringing your own snacks and food for event-day. We want this day to be as safe and fun as possible for everyone!

Beer & Wine -- Wine and beer are being generously donated by Trinchero Family Estates and Lagunitas! We will have red, white, and rose wine, and nice cold beer for you to enjoy.

Live Music -- We are thrilled to welcome Lucky Drive back to the stage!

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6. Livestream Watch Party Information:

This year's Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS and Walk is a hybrid event this year! This means while you're enjoying our first in-person event since 2019, we will also be hosting a Livestream Watch Party, presented by our Accessibility & Inclusivity Sponsor, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, which anyone can join from anywhere in the world! Be sure to spread the word to your friends, family, and supporters so they can watch the start line programs, the live band, afternoon programs, and join in on the energy of the day! Click here to RSVP for the Zoom Livestream Watch Party and share this link with anyone who is interested in joining.

Here is our schedule for the day:

6:30 am: 100 Mile start line program

7:30 am: 62 Mile Challenge and Lite Start

8:00 am: 47 Mile start line program

9:30 am: 28 Mile start line program

10:30 am: 9 Mile start line program

11:00 am: Walk start line program

12:00 pm: Afternoon Festival Starts with live music!

1:00 pm: Program Part 1

1:30 pm: Live Music

2:30 pm: Program Part 2 -- Awards Ceremony

3:00 pm: Live Music

4:00 pm: Event Ends


Any more questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

See you on Saturday, September 24!

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