2022 SoCal Ride and Rally to Defeat ALS

Hal's Pals 2009
Hal's Pals 2009

Hal's Pals fight ALS

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If you would like to donate Bitcoin, in memory of Hal Finney and to advance the search for effective treatments and cures for ALS, please copy and paste:

Our team is raising money to fight ALS in memory of Hal Finney. Hal lived with a very aggressive form of ALS for over 5 years. The disease not only robbed him of his ability to move his arms and legs - it also paralyzed his speech, swallowing, breathing, and finally his eye movement muscles, making him 100% dependent on machines to live, and robbing him of all ability to communicate. 


Hal passed away in August of 2014, but he lives on forever in our hearts.


Our team is a part of Team Challenge ALS and the SoCal Ride. We are committed to raising money and awareness to support people in our community who are living with ALS today. This year our fundraiser is Saturday, May 14, 2022. Hal was born in May. The event is a very special way to commemorate Hal's birthday and help us push towards a treatment and a cure. So someday no one will experience, like Hal did, having ALS progress relentlessly, unstoppable and unforgiving.


Fight ALS with us!  Join our Team at our Golden West Chapter event, on an exciting ride, a challenging hike, or a beautiful park walk. Make a donation towards our goal today. Or even better - do both!


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