2022 SoCal Ride and Rally to Defeat ALS

NivLac V

Hello Family and Friends,

As Bob Dylan wrote, "...the times they are a changin...".

First, and most importantly, the "walk" is finally live again this year! Good news/bad news, after 17 years of participation in the Ventura/Santa Barbara Walk to Defeat ALS (22 years in total, including the Diamond Walk and the Walk to D'Feet ALS in Santa Monica), we had to make a decision to join a new location. The Ventura/Santa Barbara walk has been closed. The ALSA Golden West Chapter walk will take place in Exposition Park this year. Most locations that are overseen by the Golden West Chapter will participate in-person or virtually through that walk.

Luckily for us, the Golden West Chapter also began a SoCal Ride and Rally to Defeat ALS that will take place in the Conejo Valley on May 14th. The Ride and Rally was created two years ago; however, due to Covid, this will be the first in-person event. We have registered Nivlac V for The Ride and Rally, which as you can see, takes place on May 14th. It is a ride, walk, run, so if any of you are local and want to participate in person, please feel free to sign up and attend. There will be a route that is appropriate for just about any age group and endurance level.

We realize that most people are still reeling from the backlash of Covid and donating isn't always an option. For those of you who can, we greatly appreciate it. For those who can't, we appreciate your thoughts and prayers for people with ALS and caregivers of those with ALS just as much.

Please continue to monitor The Ride and Rally website for updates and additional activities and challenges. It will be a very exciting day and a great cause.

Blessings and good health. Love to y'all.

The Calvin and Rosemarie Magness family

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