2023 Running Bitcoin Challenge

Wearing Two ASICs

I've been between two ASICs for a few months now. That is, application specific integrated circuts. But it's time to put on two different kind of ASICs... The shoes... Get it?

ALS has caused immense pain to individuals and their loved ones, and it unfortunately took the life of one of the greats who worked directly with Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney. He is one of the most profound voices that a lot of us did not even know until after his passing. What I wouldn't do to have him on my show and pick his brilliant mind.

Together, I want to make sure that this isn't an obstacle in the future, and that people cease their suffering due to ALS. I am trying to raise $1,000 through my team with a $250 personal goal. And I want YOU to be a part of Wearing Two ASICs and help me out.

I will not be running the half marathon, rather I, along with a few New Orleans Bitcoiners, will be walking the equivalent in Downtown NOLA with information on ALS, ways people can help out, and information about Hal and his contribution to the greatest technological advancement of our lifetime.

Hal knew that Bitcoin was bigger than his life, yet he was still "Running bitcoin." Join me!

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