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COVID-19 Response

Please check back regularly as our team finalizes safety protocols for this year's Jersey Shore Ride to Defeat ALS happening IN PERSON at the wonderful Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey. 

Assumption of Risk

By participating with others in support of the Jersey Shore Ride to Defeat ALS, you expressly agree to comply with any and all rules and safety guidelines put in place by local authorities, and voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, waiving all claims and potential claims against the event organizers, and their affiliated companies relating to such risks. 

Rules of the Road & Safety Tips

Cycling is a wonderful way to get outdoors while raising awareness for and supporting a great cause. Please be mindful of these safety tips as you are out on the road. All are important parts in ensuring your safety and the safety of those you will be sharing the road with. Thanks!

The Rules of the Road

  • Follow all rules and laws of the road. 
  • This is a community bike ride on open roads, not a race on a closed course.
  • Ride single file, especially on narrow shoulders or when cars are close. 
  • Stop at Stop Signs 
  • Pass only on the left. Be sure to let the rider being over taken know (politely) you are passing on the left.
  • As this is a fun ride, not a competitive race, please don't take any chances riding too aggressively just to shave a few seconds off ride time. It’s okay to have some fun with your friends and riding mates, but be smart about it.
  • Wear your helmet when you on your bike.  No exceptions.
  • Don't litter. There are trash and recycling receptacles at all rest stops.
  • No headphones on the course, please.
  • Signal to following riders about debris and obstacles on the road.
  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  Drink water before you feel thirsty and keep yourself hydrated!
  • Thank the volunteers on the route, at the rest stops, and at the start and end points!
  • Have fun!

One last note about “The Rules” – We know that you have all heard these before.  It is extremely important, though, that you follow these pointers. Cyclists who blow through stop signs & don’t single up for cars behind you make it much more difficult for us and other organizations to put on cycling events. Let’s make sure we follow the vehicle code ourselves when we ride bicycles – so we can stay on the road for years to come. Be aggressive and encourage others to single up and stop at stop signs. THANK YOU.


Safety Plan

Contacts in an Emergency

In an emergency dial 911.  If there’s some doubt, please dial 911. 

SAG Support
Every participant at the Jersey Shore Ride to Defeat ALS at Morey's Piers can count on support from start to finish with rest stops, SAG vehicles, and police along the route. Please be sure to prepare with extra tubes, pumps, nutrition and hydration! 

Rest Stops
Below is a list of rest stop locations and estimated times. 

Atlantic Cape Community College
341 South Dennis Road
Cape May Courthouse, NJ
Rest Stop set up in ACCC lot close to bike path – riders approaching the rest stop from the bike path
25,50,75,100 routes
First Rider 7:30 am
Last Rider 10:30 am
Tuckahoe United Methodist Church
112 NJ Route 49
Tuckahoe, NJ
100 route only
First rider in: 8:30 am
Last rider in: 10:30 am
Dennis Township Elementary School
165 Academy Rd.
Dennisville, NJ
Rest Stop set up in back parking lot of the school – entrance to rest rooms from the back of the school
75,100 routes
First rider in: 8:45 am
Last rider in: 12:30 pm
Cold Spring Bike Path @ the Pantry mini market
4 Route 47 South
Lower Township, NJ
Riders coming from both directions on the bike path – rest stop is set up on grass on the bike path
50,75,100 routes
First Rider 9:30 am
Last rider 2:15 pm
Estell Manor Elementary School
128 Cape May Ave.
Estell Manor, NJ
Rest Stop set up in front parking lot on the side of school
100 route only
First ride in: 9:30 am
Last rider in: 11:30 am.


Beginning and Advanced Cycling

 The League of American Bicyclists has great tips for beginning and for more advanced riders. The advance section includes information on group riding.

To start, here is a helpful video from the Global Cycling Network on how to ride in a group: