PFT XT- ALS Warriors

Hello PFT XT - ALS Warriors! Welcome to the ALS NORCAL90 Challenge. Your participation and donation are deeply appreciated. I work with ALS in memory of my Mama, Susan Ortega, who lost her 3 year battle with ALS in 2009. Also for all of those who battle this disease and their families. Let's use this fitness challenge as a tribute to those diagnosed with ALS every 90 minutes, and also as an appreciation that we are able to. Let's do this, because we can!!!

Test your strength, push your limits, and fight ALS with us!  Join Team Challenge ALS or make a donation towards our goal today. Or even better - do both!

Join our team and become a part of Team Challenge ALS
Simply click the "Join Team" link on our team roster.

Make a donation
Help us reach our goal! Select one of our fantastic participants below. Click their name to donate on their behalf. All the money donated from this page will support our team's overall goal.

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