2020 Human Powered Brewery Tour
Established by Celeste O'Connor
Rocky Mountain Chapter
2019 Will Ferrell Themed Tour
2013 Tour

    In 2008 our cousin Annie O'Donoghue passed away from ALS. In her honor we got all our friends together and made a tour of the local breweries in our hometown of Fort Collins, and made a toast to her honor at each stop. Annie was a wonderful woman and we were certainly gutted to the core at her passing. Afterwards we thought it would be a great idea to do the tour every year in her honor, to celebrate what an amazing and vibrant person she was. She would have just loved the event. So we did. But sadly 4 years later in October 2011, we lost another cousin to ALS, Bob Giffin, so the event has become even more personal and meaningful to us since.

    We gather every year at New Belgium Brewing at 11:00 am, and raise a glass to Annie and Bob and everyone else who should still be with us. We pass the hat around and everyone donates what they can to ALS. There's no entry fee, we keep expenses low to people can give more. Then we move to all the other local breweries, making new friends and memories along the way and making sure we honor the ones we've lost, and making sure we're thankful for the ones we've still got.

    At our 2019 tour we were able to raise $5,760 and exceed our fundraising goal of $5,000! This year, we want to fundraise even more! We have increased our goal to $10,000 but are including last year's donations towards that goal. 

    Help support families that have loved ones with ALS, by donating to The Rocky Mountain Chapter. Donations in advance are appreciated and welcomed!

    Please click the donation button to the right and give generously.

    Thank you for helping us build a Community of Hope!

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