Sister Rosetta Lombardi Memorial
Established by Gabrielle Diecidue
Rocky Mountain Chapter

    After 75 years of life, Sister Rosetta tragically fell victim to ALS. At age 14, she became a nun in the Vatican City and has since joyfully served the Catholic Church. Her condition rapidly declined: she was in and out of comas, administered a tracheotomy, and eventually lost function in her facial motor system. All within 1 year of diagnosis, her body shut down and she passed away peacefully in Rome. Sister Rosetta's body has been transported to Denver, Colorado, where her family will bury her.

    ALS affects nerve cells throughout the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of muscle functionality. ALS challenges the human spirit and tests the resilience of everyone touched by this devastating disease. Please join us in working together to create a Community of Hope that financially supports the care services of those currently living with ALS. With no known cause or cure to ALS, we wish to help those with ALS live comfortably, by removing any financial burdens of the essential medical care. 

    Sister Rosetta is now reigning with her beloved Heavenly Mother Mary. Your gifts will help her family honor the light of Sister Rosetta's heart. Please click the donation button to the right if you would like to donate at this time. Thank you for the generosity. 

    Together, we build a Community of Hope in honor of Sister Rosetta Lombardi. 

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