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    We need to let Steve Pofahl and others with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) know they are not alone.  ALS affects more than nerve cells and muscles, it affects families, friends, co-workers, and communities. 

    With no known cause or cure, ALS challenges the human spirit and tests the courage of everyone touched by this devastating disease.

    However, we can work together to create a Community of Hope that restores dreams and builds courage.  Our community gives strength and hope to Steve, neighbors, and friends facing the fear and uncertainty of ALS. Your gift to the ALS Association will support research to expedite the discovery of treatments and a cure for ALS.

    The ALS Association consists of 38 chapters and affiliates which provide comprehensive care and support to families living with ALS.
    Quick Facts about the ALS Association
    • The ALS Association works in various capacities: They fund and support global research; advance public policy initiatives through working with various government entities; educate families coping with the disease thru care services; and educate the public about the disease. 
    • To date, the ALS Association has committed more than $80 million in research toward finding treatments and a cure for ALS.
    • In 1998 the ALS Association established a Public Policy Department based in Washington, D.C.  Since that time, there has been an annual increase in government funding of over 500% for ALS research generating $700 million in research funds.  Another notable accomplishment of the Public Policy Department was the enactment of the ALS Registry Act to establish the first central database that identifies cases of ALS throughout the United States and collects comprehensive information about the disease never before collected on a nationwide scale. The registry, signed into law in 2008, is administered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and is the single largest ALS research project ever created. The Registry advances research and promotes a better understanding of the disease and improved standards of care while potentially revealing clues about the causes of ALS.
    • ALS is the only disease for which Congress has waived the 24-month Medicare waiting period. The Association worked with Congress to waive this waiting period in 2001. Since Congress waived the Medicare waiting period, those with ALS have gained better access to important Medicare benefits.
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    Thank you for helping us support Steve and build a Community of Hope!

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