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    During the month of August 2015 the baking world came together and did something incredible, raising more than 25,000 toward finding a cure for ALS while supporting the lives of those living with this devastating disease today. Whether you baked and sold a single cookie for a donation or were the one who bought the cookie for a donation, you've played an important part in making this month long event a success.

    While the page you're currently viewing will eventually be closed once all the donations have been made, if you remain interested in occasionally raising money and awareness for ALS in the future, you can just type in into your browser and it will take you to a new site where donations can be made.

    And if you're wondering whether we'll be doing another Bake to Defeat ALS in August 2016. . . I guess that will all depend on whether a cure for ALS is found before then....otherwise, get ready to bake in 2016!


    The Bake to Defeat ALS Challenge is as simple as 1-2-3.

    1. It doesn't matter whether you run a storefront bakery, make (and sell) all your baking creations from home, or are a non-baker who doesn't know the difference between baking soda and baking powder! Anyone and everyone can participate in the Bake to Defeat ALS Challenge. All you need to do is come up with a way to use a platter of cookies, a pan of brownies, or a three layer cake to raise money and awareness for ALS. A list of ideas are provided at the bottom of this page as a way to kick start your imagination.

    and then...

    2. Post a video, a photo, and/or a text status update or tweet. Tell us what you've done or what you're be doing in the month of AUgust to participate in the Bake to Defeat ALS Challenge. Show us a video clip of you icing the cake you're selling for donations. Snap a photo of the box of donuts you bought on your way to work and set up in the employee break room along side a cup for donations. Update your status or shout out a Tweet so we know you're donating a percentage of the sales in your bakery on a particular day in August. Be sure wherever you share on social media to include the hashtag #BakeToDefeatALS

     and finally.... 

    3. When you post your video or photo, be sure to pass along the challenge to 3 people to take the Bake to Defeat ALS Challenge and keep this thing going and growing! You can challenge anyone, young or old, baker or non-baker, friends or family. Challenge the owner of a local bakery. Challenge the church youth group or your book club. Challenge other cake bakers and cookie decorators. Challenge your favorite baking blogger. Call out Duff Goldman, Buddy Valestro, and Paul Hollywood. Let the folks at Nabsico know they've been challenged to Bake to Defeat ALS! Tell those Keebler Elves to get baking for this worthwhile cause! Because ALS knows no national borders, challenge people worldwide! Whatever 3 people you challenge make sure you let them know that they have just 24 hours to say yes to the challenge or donate.


    If you sell baked goods through a home business...

    • donate the proceeds from an existing order in August
    • hold an online charity auction for a platter of cookies, a dozen cupcakes, a cake, etc.

    If you own a bakery storefront...

    • donate any percentage of your sales from one day in August
    • donate 10¢ from each cookie, 25¢ from each cupcake, or $1 from each cake sold one day in August.

    If you own a bakery supply online shop...

    • donate the profits from one specific item in your shop for the entire month of August
    • hold a special weekend sale donating any percentage of those sales

    If you're a home baker...

    • take a platter of your world-famous baked goods to the office staff room, church or temple coffee hour after service, or to a book group meeting, set up a donation cup and encourage people to "Eat to Defeat ALS!"
    • host a cookie decorating party inviting your guests to make a donation

    If you're a non-baker...

    • bake or buy brownies, cookies, or cupcakes to take to the office staff room, church or temple coffee hour after service, or to a book group meeting, set up a donation cup and encourage people to "Eat to Defeat ALS!"
    • Spread ALS awareness online throughout the month by sharing links to ALS informational websites, videos and to posts related to Bake to Defeat ALS and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
    • Encourage a local store or restaurant to in some way get involved with Bake to Defeat ALS.
    • Use the power of the hashtag to bring the attention of Bake to Defeat ALS to celebrity chefs and bakers, baking blogging biggies, food companies, and all forms of media.
    • Participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while eating a cookie!

    If your children like to be in the kitchen...

    • have them bake cookies for a cookie stand in the front yard or wherever you can find an empty street corner in your town.


    To donate the money you're raised click the red "donate now" button on the right side of this page. This is also the spot for those who buy your baked goods online or have the highest bid on a Bake to Defeat ALS auction you held to deliver the cash! (I'm notified of donations as they're processed should you need to confirm that a promised donation has been made.)


    Bake to Defeat ALS is not an organized event of The ALS Association but has been spearheaded by Anita Cadonau-Huseby from Sweet Hope Cookies. I became personally acquainted with a local chapter of The ALS Association at the time of my brother Randy's diagnosis in 2009 and in the years since his death from this devastating disease I've continued to support the ALSA as I've witnessed firsthand their commitment to advocacy and education, being on the forefront in ALS medical research, and the compassionate and professional care services they provide to those living with ALS. 

    It's by my choice that the page you're now viewing is hosted on the website of The ALS Association as it's my hope that many of you participating in the Bake to Defeat Challenge will donate to the ALSA by clicking the red donation button to the right. That being said, if you prefer directing your donations to another ALS / MND organization please feel free to do so because our collective purpose in this effort is to do what we can to raise money, spread awareness, and remind those living with ALS that we are committed to them and to finding a cure for ALS. 


    Digital Clipart: There's an assortment of Bake to Defeat ALS logo graphics in JPG and PNG formats that can be used across social media. There are images for your Facebook profile or banner as well as for Instagram posts. You can use the images with a transparent background (PNG) for creating a watermark on uploaded photos. Images may also be downloaded to print up as postcards, labels for cookies, or as bake sale and bakery storefront signage. All the files are available in a public Bake to Defeat ALS DropBox Folder which can be accessed by cutting and pasting the following address into your browser address field. New graphics will continually be added so keep checking back at . . .

    Sugar Swag: A fun collection of Bake to Defeat ALS merch awaits your spending dollars! There's everything from logo teeshirts to paper plates and more! And best of all, not only will you look fabulous but 100% earnings on all sales will go to The ALS Association! Check out the Bake To Defeat ALS Store on Zazzle. 

    And whatever else you do, keep spreading the word about the
    Bake to Defeat ALS Challenge!
    And in advance, thank you.
    Thank you for baking and making a difference.
    Thank you for being the difference in the fight against ALS! 


    If you have any questions, please contact Anita. You can find me on
    Facebook at,
    Instagram with the user name Anita_SweetHopeCookies,
    or in Email at

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