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    Hello everyone I wanted to come on here and personally tell my dads story. My dad has been battling ALS for 17 years. He is at the last stages of his life with his ALS. He is one of the most strong, and happiest people I’ve ever met. He has been battling this with a smile on his face every time something bad would come up he would always be the first one to lighten the mood with his jokes or his smile. He had Me and my older brother Sean we are a whole 18 years apart. He married my mom and took in my two older brothers nick and Kingston and adopted them as his own. He made sure we had everything we ever wanted. Did we deserve them? No but he always made sure it happened. I wanted to come on here to raise money for people in the future who can over come this and fight through it. I want this story to be a stepping stone and a uplift to tell everyone to keep going fight, you’re not alone and we can all get through this together as one. 
    Thank you for helping us.

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