Legends of OSU Football - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Sixty Eight years of Buckeye football legacy are joining forces to combat ALS in the 2020 Legends of Ohio State Football - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Join us LIVE on YouTube - youtube.com/cALSAssociationofCentralSouthernOhio  August 9 at noon as these giants of Buckeye Football are called forth one at a time to experience a bucket of icy water dumped on them by Brutus Buckeye or the Crew Cat to raise money and awareness for ALS.  

The Teams:  

Woody Hayes (1951 - 1978) and Earle Bruce (1979 - 1987) Eras

Honorary Coach:  Former player and Mayor of Columbus, Greg Lashutka
Team:  Keith Byars #41, Ike Kelley #23, Mike Lanese #1, William White #37 and John Wooldridge #25 

John Cooper Era (1988 - 2000)
Coach John Cooper
Team:   Dee Miller #15, Ryan Miller #43, Stan Jackson #8 and Andy Katzenmoyer #45
Jim Tressel Era (2001 - 2010)

Coach Jim Tressel 
Team:  Maurice Clarett #13, Michael Doss #2, AJ Hawk #47 and Mike Nugent #85

Urban Meyer Era (2012 - 2019)

Coach Urban Meyer, 
Team:  Zach Boren #44, Braxton Miller #5, and Evan Spencer #6 

Which era will win the battle for ALS?  DONATE now to the team of your choice and be a part of the competition!
The money that we raise will go towards a mission that we can all get behind - a world without ALS.
There is currently NO cure, and that is just unacceptable for a disease with a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

Buckeye Nation, we can make a difference and tackle Lou Gehrig's Disease!

Please vote for your favorite Coach by making a $20 or more donation to their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge team.

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