Step 1: Register

  • Select “Start an Event” or “Join an Event” and follow the instructions
  • My username
  • My password
  • Identify your fundraiser with an event name
  • Customize your URL

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with your Fundraising Center

  • Personalize your fundraising web page
  • Send e-mails to family, friends, and co-workers to ask for donations
  • Monitor progress toward your goal
  • Edit your Personal Information, including login, password, and goal

Step 3: Personalize your web page

  • By clicking on the “Personal Page” tab, you can add your personal story, team mission, and photos & video to show your dedication to fighting ALS!

Step 4: Fundraise through Facebook

  • We have the tools for you to share your event using Facebook
  • Click on the share with Facebook link with your Fundraising Center
  • Include a personal story and click on the share button

Step 4: Send e-mails

  • This feature enables you to personalize emails to friends, family, co-workers, etc.
  • Upload your email address book
  • Invite people to attend your event
  • Ask people to donate to your event
  • Use the “Contacts” feature to keep track of who you have contacted.

Step 5: Monitor your progress

  • Don't forget to visit the "Progress" section of your Fundraising Center to keep track
  • Get information about who has contributed, and view the countdown to the event!
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