Curt Schilling always says, "What if your dollar…or your friend's dollar…or your co-worker's dollar was THE DOLLAR that put us over the top to identify the cause and cure for Lou Gehrig's disease?"

Program Overview

One Dollar Difference offers a platform to host fun and creative events to support The ALS Association. No matter where you live or the time of year, anyone can host an event to help in our fight to cure and treat Lou Gehrig's Disease.

How it Works

Using our online fundraising program, organizers and participants can promote and fundraise for their event anywhere at anytime. Funds collected through One Dollar Difference will be contributed directly to the Chapter that the event organizer has designated. Ongoing tips and support are provided for participants to make their experience enjoyable and easy.

Types of Events

These are a few ideas for the types of events you might host:

  • Bake Sale
  • Car Wash
  • Community Walk/Run
  • Concert
  • Cycling/Spinning Event
  • Dancing
  • Dinner Party
  • Endurance Event
  • Garage Sale
  • Golf/Mini-Golf Tournament
  • Gym Class
  • Holiday Party
  • Hop-, Bowl-, Swim-, Skate-A-Thon
  • Motorcylce Ride
  • Poker
  • Raffle
  • School Fundraiser
  • Softball Tournament

Event Tools

  • Tips & Tools
  • Suggested Messages
  • Event/Personal Page
  • Event/Personal Progress Tool
  • Enter Offline Donations (Checks, Cash, Credit Card)
  • Activity Feed

Additional Questions/Support

Please contact Andrew Christy at achristy@alsa-national.org.

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