Registration and Participant Center FAQs

How do I register?
Have you ever participated in an ALS Chapter event in the past? If you answered YES, then you have a username and password for our website! We recommend logging in before you register to make the process easy for you! The system will remember you and all of your past information, including edits to your personal pages. Select 'Register' on the home page to begin.

What are the costs involved, and what do they provide?
There is no registration fee to participate in the 2022 Colfax Marathon as part of Team Challenge ALS, however, all participants are asked to have a fundraising goal of $250.

I have aready signed up for the Colfax Marathon, what does registering on this page do?

Registering as a runner on the Team Challenge ALS page connects all individuals participating in the Colfax Marathon that have chosen The ALS Association as their charity of choice!  We are all passionate about defeating ALS for good.  This page will allow you to raise awareness about why you are running to defeat ALS to your friends, family and community and to raise the crucial funds needed to end ALS for good!

Event FAQs

Please visit the Colfax Marathon website for further information.

Team FAQs

Are there additional charges to have a team?
No, but each member of the team is asked to raise $250 in collected pledges from friends and family.

How many members must I have to form a team?
A team can be two people, twenty people, or more.  Your "team" does not have to be exclusive to those running the Colfax Marathon.  You could be running, and have a team of supporters that are fundraising with you!

As a team captain or member of a team, can I raise all the money and then distribute it to other members of my team?
We strongly discourage this. For many people, participating is a challenge. Whether it’s the physical challenge or the effort it takes to reach a fundraising goal, both components are part of the Team Challenge ALS experience. Having every participant raise funds makes charity events special. Everyone participating will have something in common - they provided hope to people living with ALS.

Additional Questions:

Please reach out to 

Nicole Hebert at 303-832-2322 or