Blow your goal out of the water!

Matching Gifts

Take advantage of existing programs or create a special company matching fund for this event. Some companies even double employee contributions!

Send Emails

Customize these sample email templates and send them to your network. Remember, on average it takes 3 asks to get someone to give.

Host an Event

Host a kickoff or fundraising event with your staff! Invite Chapter staff to attend to speak about ALS, the event, and your impact. Informational kickoffs, happy hours, auctions, or even ice cream socials are great opportunities to engage employees in the CEO Soak.

Make a Self-Donation

Did you know that someone that donates to themselves is proven to have a larger impact on our fundraising events? Everyone will be able to see how committed you are to the cause. Jump start your fundraising with a self-donation today!

Update your Fundraising Page

Your personal page is the place to tell your story and let everyone know why you have become a part of the CEO Soak and why finding a cure for ALS is so important to you. Be sure to update your page with a photo too!

Start a Challenge

Competition is key in peer-to-peer fundraising. Setting up challenges between departments, floors, or partners will increase fundraising. We've had companies compete with other companies; employees use their funds to vote for the executive that gets in the fountain; and companies host dress down days. Get creative and find the best option for you.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Use these sample posts to tell your social network about the CEO Soak. Be sure to include a link to your fundraising page! Want to start a Facebook Fundraiser? Be sure to choose The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter.

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We are happy to help with any fundraising questions you might have. Send an email to or call 412-866-5798.