ALS Stories

Chance Potter, Team Challenge ALS Champion

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I run to defeat ALS because of my older cousin David Potter who passed away in September of 2020 from ALS. He was a former Army Ranger, Ultra Marathoner, and Triathlete.

To me however, he was Superman! 

His diagnosis arrived just as I was starting to get into running for a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. He supported and encouraged me throughout my journey even though his own journey was coming to an end while he battled ALS. He is my inspiration to bring awareness to ALS and to remind the rest of us that our ability to move and breathe is a gift that should not be taken for granted. 

The more awareness that we can bring to people that are diagnosed with ALS and their families that have to care for them, the more support we can provide them until a cure is found! Team Challenge ALS has given me this opportunity and I am proud to support them as I run!

Join #TeamChallengeALS.

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