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Since 1999, the Morey family, who own and operate Morey’s Piers and Water Parks in Wildwood, NJ, has supported the Greater Philadelphia Chapter and the Chapter's annual cycling event. With tickets donated to every rider, refreshments and volunteers, the Morey family ensures a premier start and end point for our Ride To Defeat ALS participants and ALS families. In addition to the Ride to Defeat ALS, the Morey family supports ALS research in memory of their mother, Jackye Morey, who lost her life to ALS.

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Marcia Telthorster, 2019 Ride to Defeat ALS Chair, Ellyn Phillips, ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter Board Chair Emeritus, Chuck Schretzman, US Army Veteran with ALS, and Will Morey, President and CEO of Morey's Piers at the 2019 Ride to Defeat ALS in Wildwood, NJ