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Create an Online Fund


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Help Build a Community of Hope

You can start an online Fund page for any reason. Many Funds are created:

  • In honor of someone affected by ALS.
  • In memory of a loved one who passed away.
  • For a special occasion.
  • To acknowledge a personal commitment to the mission of The ALS Association.

You are the leader, or "Champion," of the Community of Hope Fund you create.

Your honoree's Community of Hope begins when you enter the information below.

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HONORARY - Living Tribute
MEMORIAL - Remembering someone who has passed
PERSONAL - Commitment to personally raise awareness and funds



The following image shows how the content elements are arranged on your default fund page. As you work with the sections below, the corresponding section in the image will highlight to indicate where that information will be located on the default fund page layout.


Your Fund Page: Your Fund Page:


Enter a Fund name that is meaningful to the honoree and to the honoree's family.




Tell your honoree's story. A brief, compelling story inspires people to donate and to sign testimonials in the guest book.
We suggest including current information about the honoree in the first paragraph and updating it often in the Champion Center. New Information encourages more visits.




The photo will display prominently on the Fund page; make sure to use a clear image. You can update this photo and build photo albums in your Champion Center.



1. Prepare your image.
Images must be .gif, .jpg, or .png files. Files with a .jpg or .png type will be automatically resized to fit in a 225 x 300 pixel space. The maximum acceptable file size is 1.5 Mb.

2. Select the file.
Enter the name of the file on your computer or use the Browse button to select the file.

If unable to access browse button, press enter key here to launch the browse dialog..

3. Click the upload image button.



Challenge yourself with a fundraising goal. Goal setting is optional, but effective. If you reach your goal, you can increase it in the Champion Center.



Enter a description to display in search results to distinguish your fund from others with similar names. We suggest entering the honoree's city of residence or spouse's name here.




Check the box to hide this Fund from the fund list and searches. Only those to whom you share your web page link will be able to visit the Fund page.
Emails sent from your Champion Center will include a link directly to your fund page.


This Fund is private. DO NOT DISPLAY in lists or searches.