“Today we have some hope, with the direction of the ALS Society to raise funds and in cooperation with the government we can dream of an optimum environment for ALS research and clinical care in BC. To make this dream a reality we are working with the ALS Society of BC and creating a fundraiser with 100% of funds going directly to PROJECT HOPE. This will provide a hopeful outlook for BC residents that are diagnosed with ALS.”

Jeff Derby, living with ALS

Brad Mackenzie.jpeg

"PROJECT HOPE will give me access to the clinical trials that could eventually uncover an effective treatment or cure for my disease. Just as importantly, the projectr allows British Columbians the ability to conduct world-class research in the global fight against ALS. Together, we can make this happen for all of us in need." 

Brad MacKenzie, ALS Society of BC Director

Brad Mackenzie.jpegWith the number of promising therapies and treatments in the development pipeline, this is a time of unprecedented hope for people living with ALS. The ALS Society of BC PROJECT HOPE will enable BC to contribute directly to this growing momentum of research, and allow ALS patients in BC to participate in clinical trials without enduring the physical and financial strain of having to travel outside the province. The project is one more step in our fight to end ALS."

Kerry Winkler, living with ALS

Click here to watch Kerry's Global BC news feature.

bob byrant.jpgThis is a time of unprecedented hope for people living with ALS. Today there are more clinical trials either underway or upcoming than any other time in history. 
I’m very excited and proud to support the ALS Society of BC, UBC faculty of medicine, and the Government of BC in the creation of PROJECT HOPE...a clinic specifically created to connect ALS patients of British Columbia with the latest in care, treatments, and clinical trials. Please be a part of the cure and support PROJECT HOPE."

Bob Bryant, living with ALS

bob byrant.jpgI would like to see the treatment of ALS in British Columbia move from a passive approach of monitoring the rate of decline leading to death, to a more active approach of helping ALS patients increase their quality of life by allowing access to clinical trials. PROJECT HOPE is the first step in this process. Together, we can raise awareness and help fundraise to make this clinic a reality, giving ALS patients in British Columbia the quality care they deserve and also providing them with hope."

Paul Thandi