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Paws to Celebrate Truro

Thursday, September 15, 2022 | Truro Vineyards


As we continue to face uncertainty, one thing has not changed: animals are still in need. 

The effects of the pandemic continue to make our work more difficult, and your help is needed now to meet the needs of the most vulnerable animals.

Your donation today ensures that tomorrow, and in the coming weeks, animals in need can get the care they count on including food, sanctuary, medical care, love, and emergency rescue if they are in danger.

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Can provide a shelter animal with special enrichment and training to help them be successful in their new home
Can help protect animals by supporting efforts to investigate cases of cruelty and neglect
Can help provide residents of under-resourced communities access to afforable veterinary care
Can support work in the field to assist stray and/or community animals with rescue or Trap-Neuter-Release plans
Can provide emergency response, veterinary care, and sanctuary when an animal is injured or suffering

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