Active Trans’ 2016 Chicagoland Bike Map is a must-have guide for all people who ride bikes in the region, from beginners to lifelong riders.

No matter if you’re riding for recreation, commuting to work by bike or are just running errands, this map will help you find the perfect route. It’s the only comprehensive bike map for Chicagoland.

The 2016 edition of this map features new trails like the 606 in Chicago, Wolf Lake in northwestern Indiana and the Cal Sag in the south suburbs. Active Trans paid special attention to enhancing route connections and eliminating many of the “dead ends.” In other words, many of the recommended routes will help you navigate from one end of your own community to the other, or even plan a trip from one end of the region to another.

As always, the map features Chicagoland’s extensive trail system and on-street connections to trails and destinations. Our route rating system provides an easy-to-understand system for identifying routes based on your level of comfort.

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