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Team Fundraising

Get started fundraising today! When you raise funds, the Atlanta AIDS Walk helps our community save lives. We put together a list full of helpful fundraising tips for you and your team.

  1. Create a Team Fundraising Event.
    • Put together a yard sale, car wash, or dinner party to help raise funds.
  2. Make a Facebook Group.
    • Make a group page that is dedicated to your team. Use it as a forum to praise and motivate your members.
  3. Create a Fundraising Timeline.
    • Include events, fundraising letters, and follow-up. Track teammate progress and congratulate members on achieving their goals.
  4. Start Fundraising Early.
    • It never hurts to be the first to email your friends and family to make the ask.
    • Use one of our sample emails to get started.
  5. Use Social Media.
    • Tweet out your fundraising appeal or post one of our social squares on Instagram or Facebook.

Team Fundraising Tools

Social Squares to Share
Facebook Cover Photos
Team Flyer 8x11"
Team Flyer 11x17"
Conversation Bubbles for Social Media
Donation Letter Templates

Questions? Visit our Team FAQ.