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With your donation of $1,000 or more to join the Circle of Friends, we will spay or neuter 20 animals (whose offspring could reach the thousands within a few short years), provide education and create awareness throughout Maricopa County, provide trap-neuter-return (“TNR”) services in high-risk areas where unwanted animals suffer and take another huge step in our journey to transform our community for animals.

We hope you’ll consider joining this special group who helps save the lives of thousands of dogs, cats and critters, and we look forward to celebrating our success with you in the Spring.

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COF 1000 $1,000 helps spay or neuter 20 animals during our Spay Up All Night event.

COF 1500 $1,500 helps purchase spay/neuter surgery instrument packs for TNR and shelter animals.

COF 2000$2,000 allows EAMTs the ability to pass out 40 spay/neuter vouchers to pet owners throughout the Valley.

COF2500$2,500 funds an entire "It's Hit to Snip" free event, where lines wrap around the block!

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