Support AHS' Kitten Nursery

When you have thousands of cats and kittens entering your shelter every year, you need a lot of toys and supplies to make sure they feel loved and cared for. As the primary intake facility for cats and kittens in Maricopa County, kitten season, which spans from May to November, becomes increasingly challenging on space and resources at the Arizona Humane Society.

Help make our kittens’ stay a little more comfortable by providing them with some special items

When you select an item from our Kitten Nursery Wish List, you are making a donation that goes towards the care and and much-needed supplies for our kitten friends.

Keep Kitties Safe with Vaccines for a Day

Help us vaccinate every kitty that comes through our doors from Rhinoteacheitis, Calici & Panleukopenia. These viruses are contagious and potentially fatal. $50 will purchase kitty vaccines for one day.
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