Training for the Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride


As with any athletic endeavor, it's a good idea to train for the Watershed Ride. Training will help you complete the Watershed Ride safely and in your best possible time. Check out our tips for training and join a local training ride this summer!

Hit the Road

The most important part of training for the Watershed Ride is to get out on the road! Practice cycling portions of the route in the weeks leading up to the event. Here are 5 sections of the route you can try out on your own to prepare. If you'd rather stick to the bike paths, here are 10 local options to explore. 

If you can’t spend enough time cycling outdoors, you can also train at the gym. Cycle on a stationary bike using special programs that mimic road conditions. Also, any additional cardio and strength training activities will help you prepare for your ride.

Here are some of our favorite resources for cycling training tips:

Join a Training Ride

To train and meet other riders, you can join a local organized ride in towns across the region. If you attend a few of these local rides, you’ll be in great shape on the day of the Watershed Ride!

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