Fundraising for the Buzzards Bay Swim


The Buzzards Bay Swim raises money for a great cause: clean water in Buzzards Bay. Over the past 30 years, swimmers like you have raised a total of more than 1.5 million dollars for clean water! Check out our best fundraising advice below, and contact us if you need more help.

How Your Swim Supports Clean Water

People swimming and kayaking in the Buzzards Bay Swim

Science & Advocacy

Monitoring the health of Buzzards Bay and using sound science to fight for policies to protect clean water.

Watershed Protection

Watershed Protection

Conserving forests, fields, streams, and wetlands that preserve the health of our waterways.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Leading youth on outdoor programs and creating opportunities for all people to get outside and explore.

Fundraising Made Simple

Tell Your Story

Customize your personal page and share why you are swimming for clean water. Telling others why the Swim is important to you will encourage them to donate.

Set an Ambitious Goal

Set a goal that seems just out of reach. It will inspire you and the people you’re asking for support. Once you achieve your goal, set it even higher so giving will continue. For more ideas, check out our 10 easy tips to raise $1,000 in only 10 days!

Use Social Media

You can now connect your personal page to a Facebook fundraiser. When someone donates to your Facebook fundraiser, their donation will automatically show up on your personal page as well as on Facebook. Log in to your Participant Center then follow the instructions in the big blue box to connect to Facebook.

Ask for Your First Donation

Most swimmers find emails are the most effective way to ask friends and family to donate. You can send emails through your Participant Center or directly from your personal email account.

To reach people you don’t email, use social media. Post your story on Facebook or Instagram with a photo or video of yourself swimming and a link to your personal page.

Donate to Yourself

You’ll show people how much the mission matters to you and inspire their giving to begin!

Expand Your Network

Think about all the people you’ve interacted with over the past year: coworkers, classmates, neighbors, local businesses, care providers, and acquaintances. Oftentimes, people you don’t expect to donate are willing to support you. Use this worksheet to identify potential new supporters.

Find Matching Gifts

Check to see if your friends and family members’ employers have a matching gifts program. It’s easy — just ask your friend or family member to complete a matching donation form at work.

Swim in Memory

Some swimmers have participated in the Swim in memory of a loved one. A memorial swim is a wonderful way to share someone else’s story and honor them by supporting a cause they cared about.

Go Old School

Do you have friends and family who don't want to donate online? Just print out this fundraising form, which people can use to donate using cash or a check.

Get Creative

Try some more creative fundraising ideas, like offering a helpful service, throwing a garage sale, or pairing up with a local restaurant for donations.

Thank Your Donors

Be sure to thank your supporters for making an impact. Sending an email, calling or texting them, or giving them a shoutout on social media will make them feel appreciated. All donations to the Swim are tax-deductible and support the work of the Buzzards Bay Coalition.

Fundraising Policy

Each registered swimmer is required to raise the minimum required by swimmer type whether or not they participate in the event. Individual adult swimmers are required to raise a minimum of $300. Individual youth swimmers (18 and under) are required to raise a minimum of $150. Adult teams are required to raise $300 x # of swimmers (e.g. A team with 5 adult swimmers must raise $1,500, but 3 swimmers could each raise $400, and the other 2 swimmers raise $150. Any combination to get to $1,500 is acceptable). Youth teams are required to fundraise $50 x # of swimmers.  (e.g. A team with 5 youth swimmers must raise $250, but 3 swimmers could each raise $70, and the other 2 swimmers raise $20. Any combination to get to $250 is acceptable)

Thank you to our 2024 Swim sponsors!

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