Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake 2020

The Rocket Scientists

Welcome to the Donation page for The Rocket Scientists!

Here, we have two goals: 

1) to raise a boatload of money to support BBBSKC

2) to raise more money than our CEO, Jeff King's, team.


Well, we are six people who are deeply passionate about the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The fact that a single friendship can impact every aspect of a Little's life is incredible. A Big & Little friendship can increase the chances of high school graduation, improve their grades and heighten a Little's self-esteem. We want to see more of those friendships happen. 

And right now in KC, 377 Little are waiting for a Big.

Your donation can get one of those kids off the waitlist and on with the most impactful friendship of their life.

Help us make that happen.

Together, we are Defenders of Potential.

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