Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake 2019


Family, Friends and Strangers,

At this point most of you know that Bowl for Kids Sake has turned in to this activity that helps my heart heal. Don't get me wrong, BBBS is an INCREDIBLE organization and people should absolutely donate to them just because, but for me it’s turned into something more.

This is the third year that we will be bowling for the sake of kids without MHJM.

Three Years….

Three (3) seems to be our magical number and I swear on my soul the details of the magical 3 are true and real to best of my forgetful knowledge!

Growing up MHJM would refer to us as the Three Marshketeers. The only thing better than that was when, Will Smith came out with a song about his son (“Just the Two of Us”) and MHJM would run around the house singing Just the Three of Us…. I can still hear his voice when I hear that song.

Our parents were divorced when we were growing so MHJM created this little family mantre we would recite anytime one or more of us would be leaving for a day or more.
Who Loves You? - You Do
Who’s The Best? – We Are
1, 2, 3 MARSH
The observant few in the group will know that this phrase… 1, 2, 3 MARSH is on the back of our team t-shirts.

Dad and I tried to see Aerosmith in concert three different times and the third time was the time it all came together. HONEST PEOPLE I CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!!

MHJM passed away on Monday, April 3, 2017.

Three is our beautiful magical number.

Our goal this year is not a specific monetary goal, but rather the goal to accomplish the Magical Three Year Streak! The last two years this incredible tribe has helped push us past all the other teams at our bowling session and we have been the proud, humbled and honored recipients of the ever sought after Top Fundraising Bowling Pin Trophy!! WHOOP! WHOOP! They proudly sit on the same shelf where MHJM is. I know he would be so stinking proud. Year One (1) was a Pineapple and Year Two (2) was Captain America (see picture above). I learned last year that Bigs and Littles decorate the bowling pins together and that makes it even more amazing and special.

We obviously have no way of knowing what other teams will be at our bowling session or the drive and passion that they have fueling them, but what we can do is give the Three Year Magical Streak all that we got!

So… here comes the ask. We hope that you will consider donating to our team to help support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City. We hope that you will really get in to the “theme” with us and donate in a multiple of three! ($30 is a nice round multiple of 3). Mostly importantly though we hope that you think of MHJM or your own loved one.

While they may no longer be here with us physically they are 100% standing next to us every step of the way! 



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