Facebook Fundraising FAQs

Please see the list below for step-by-step instructions of our most commonly asked questions:

How do I create and use a Facebook Fundraiser for the BCAN Walk to End Bladder Cancer event?

How do I donate to a Facebook Fundraiser for BCAN? Where will my donation appear?

How can I invite people to join me on walk day through my Facebook Fundraiser?

Are donations made on Facebook tax-deductible?

A donation to a nonprofit through its Facebook Page or a fundraiser on Facebook may be tax-deductible. Since tax laws vary by country and region, you should consult a tax professional or review the laws for your area to determine whether a donation is tax-deductible.

After you make a donation, you will receive an email to the email listed on your Facebook account. This confirmation shows that you've made this donation as a charitable contribution and that you're not receiving any goods or services in return.  If you have further questions about the deductibility of any donations, please reach out to a tax professional. 

Will my donation on Facebook be seen by my friends?

Your donation to BCAN on Facebook will be seen only by your friends if you choose to share it. The amount of your donation will not be shared.

When you donate to a fundraiser, BCAN and the creator of the fundraiser will be able to see your donation even if you don't share it.

Can I donate privately?

Yes.  Please select “Only me” from the privacy menu in the donation form.  Please note that all fundraiser creators and BCAN can see all donation amounts. 

Will BCAN receive my information?

Only your name and the amount of your donation will be shared. You will also have the option to share your email with the charity to receive updates.

How do I get a receipt for my donation?

After you make a donation, Facebook will send an email confirmation that you've made this donation as a charitable contribution and that you're not receiving any goods or services in return. This confirmation will be sent to the primary email listed on your Facebook account by Facebook.

How do I contact Facebook about my donation?

If you need help with a donation you made, have questions about a fundraiser, or want more information on the status of contributions to BCAN, please contact Facebook by clicking here.

Can I create both a team and personal Facebook fundraiser?

No.  You can create a Facebook Fundraiser only for your personal BCAN Walk page.  However, the amount donated to your personal page will contribute to your team goal.

I just updated my goal for the Facebook Fundraiser – will this update my goal on my personal walk fundraising page, too?

Yes, your Facebook fundraiser and BCAN Walk Personal Page are synchronized; when you update your goal or story on one platform, the other platform will automatically be updated.  Please note there may be some lag time between the two while updating. 

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