Fundraising Tips

Fighting bladder cancer is a cause that everyone can rally around, and one that many people will gladly support. The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) wants to be sure that we are doing everything we can to help you while you are fundraising for BCAN through your DIY event. You will find lots of important fundraising ideas here:

Quick Fundraising Tips

Self-Donor - Start by making a donation yourself and ask others to match it!

Who do you know? - The key to building a successful fundraising campaign depends on asking people you know for support. Think about everyone whose lives you touch and ask him or her to join your team or make a donation. 

Send emails - Use your participant center to send emails to friends and family to ask for their support.

Honor someone - Encourage a bladder cancer survivor to participate on your team, or participate in memory of someone. Let everyone know your team is participating in their honor. A real-life story makes your fundraising personal.

Ask every day - Ask one person each day to make a contribution. If you get five $20 gifts, you'll have raised $100 in less than a week! Bladder cancer is a disease that impacts many, and most people are happy to donate even in tough economic times. Give everyone the opportunity to help by making a tax-deductible donation. Click here to download a donation form.

Talk it up - Ask for a few minutes on the agenda of any meetings you'll be attending. Explain why you are organizing a DIY event and ask for everyone's support. If you're dedicating your efforts to someone don't forget to tell their story.

Raise $250 in 7 Days!

Here are some quick tips to help you accomplish your fundraising goal ($250) in 7 days! Don't be afraid to tailor this plan to any fundraising goal - $500 or even $1,000.


DAY 1              SPONSOR YOURSELF                                     $30

DAY 2              ASK THREE RELATIVES FOR $20                    $60

DAY 3              ASK SIX FRIENDS FOR $10                             $60

DAY 4              ASK FIVE COWORKERS FOR $10                   $50

DAY 5              ASK FIVE NEIGHBORS FOR $5                       $25

DAY 6              ASK YOUR SPOUSE OR PARTNER                 $25

DAY 7            CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS!                   $250

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

Our mission is to increase public awareness about bladder cancer, advance bladder cancer research, and provide educational and support services for the bladder cancer community.

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