Right now you have an incredible opportunity to have your gift matched dollar-for-dollar.

Having lost his wife Sue to ovarian cancer, Barry Smee is committed to improving the outcome for others facing a cancer diagnosis. That’s why he and a group of leaders from the mining community have partnered with the BC Cancer Foundation to offer a remarkable $1 million match, but only until October 31st.

Mass spectrometers are cutting-edge tools in an innovative emerging field of cancer research – proteomics. A new mass spectrometer is urgently needed to accelerate research into some of the most devastating cancers, including breast, pancreatic, ovarian, lung, blood, and pediatric.

Mass spectrometers take detailed measurements of protein molecules in the human body and provide scientists with a vibrant picture of how cancer genes and the proteins they encode take control of cellular activities to cause cancer and evade treatment.

Because of generous support from donors like you, BC Cancer is home to a world-leading mass spectrometry suite, but demand far exceeds capacity. Currently, research teams wait up to two years to access this vital tool.

BC Cancer is in desperate need of a second machine to speed up life-saving research. This vital piece of equipment holds the potential to transform cancer diagnosis and treatment, leading to better outcomes for families across British Columbia.


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Campaign Goal: $2,000,000

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