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This holiday season, please make a gift and honour a shining star in your life. From a special care provider at BC Cancer to someone special you’ll be keeping close to your heart, your donation honours them while helping to fund vital cancer research and care.

Your shining star will be shared below shortly after making a donation. Thank you for your support.

Recognize Your Shining Star

The chemo nurses at the Surrey Cancer clinic

My dad! Hugh Aikman

-Amanda Aikman
My group members in our Cancer Support Group @ Lions Gate Hospital

Our children Max and Rebecca

-The Laskin Family
Every single person who suffers from this terrible disease

-Delia Ridley

-T. Yu
Shirley Dobbin

-Sophia Gatowski
Poppy & Stella & Nicholas

Route 91 Las Vegas ~ 58 Angels

-Sharlene McIlwain
Our shining star is our beloved Daryl who passed June 17, 2017. Forever missed & loved.

-Joanna, Patrick, Stephanie & Hilary. xo
Harley Kennedy, Moe & Toby Nadler

-Peter J Nadler
Bunny Rosse, Sheila Blair, Orrie and Kerry Babiuk

-Patricia Tanaka
Margaret Saare, Robin Mede, Daryl Saare, Gayle Saare

-Janet & Howard Wenger
Hongren Liu

Dr. Michael Szeto and team from the Victoria Cancer Agency, Dr. Laurie Sehn and team from the Vancouver Cancer Agency, all personnel at the Vancouver Cancer Agency inpatient hospital and the support of family and friends. Sincere gratitude to all of them.

-Lila Louise Doering

Hagan Beggs

-Sophia Gatowski
My Dad

Martin Luther King Jr.

-Gordon Kadota
Anthony Gatowski

-Sophia Gatowski
My parents


To Everyone Touched By Cancer

Marie Rozak

-Cameron Hayward
My daughter Elaine

-Pat Boyce
My Mother and our good friend Judy Robinson

-Etele Harvie Family
My doctors, nurses, caregiver and MY HUSBAND.

Lisa Duncan, Joan Fawcett

Phyllis Kathleen Stenstrom

-Jerry, Sheila and Family
Researchers working towards cures for the disease.

-E Wayne
Friends & family members who are living with cancer.

-Glen & Sharon
My goddaughter Jenny, a survivor

-Barb Smith
My brother Tony

Rui Hong Yang

-Karen Yang
James Jardine

-Erin Jardine
Barbara Ostapovich

-Kendall Ayres
BC Thoracic Surgeons

-Thomas McCartney
My oncologist Dr. Ken Wilson and my wife Betty

-Vernol W Wessner
Peter Young

-Dick Knowles
Husband, father, son and boss: Joe Marino

-Catherine Marino
Don Wilson, Clive Cosham, Marc Glatzer

-Klaus Schallie

Rob Harvey

-Brian Harvey
My friend Stephen

In Memory - Irene Serko - mother and Paul Serko - father

-Lynda and Curtis Krahn
My brother Casey

Dr. Heed, Dr. Lee, Dr. Troung, Dr. Stewart, Dr. Rose, Dr. Keith, all staff.

-Irene Baxter
Dr. Li Charles, All staff of nursing station

-Anne Pong/h7>
Gerald Williams, Rosalie Carroll, Em Gurney

-Shirley Eeckhout
Parma Krishnan, My Dad - fought a valiant battle against his cancer until we lost him in 2011. But he always remained positive and loving. We miss him.

-Geeta Krishnan

-Deborah Needley

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