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For today only, in celebration of Giving Tuesday, Capilano Volkswagen & Audi will generously match donations to the BC Cancer Foundation, up to $50,000.

The owners of Capilano Volkswagen & Audi believe in giving back to their community, and have been generous supporters of the BC Cancer Foundation for over 15 years. Inspired by the innovative and caring work happening at BC Cancer, they are honoured to match donations on Giving Tuesday, up to $50,000.

Over the next 15 years, B.C. will face a 40% increase in cancer diagnoses. It will be relentless BUT, with your help, so will we. Every patient, every round of chemo, every trial, every breakthrough, every day: we won’t stop.

Please make your gift today to help advance research and innovate care at BC Cancer to save lives in our community.

In memory of my friend Dianne Drewery

- Joan Webb
Cancer can be beaten! Let's do it together. I survived and so can you!

- Claire White
In memory of our neighbour and friend, Eileen

- Anne and Bill Trussler
I survived 23 years of treatment!!! Ignore and go ahead

- Rudolf Tize
Sending light, love & hope for everyone living with and affected by cancer . . .

- Sandy
A cure is possible

- Laura
A cure is possible

- Laura
Best wishes in 2021

- Esther C
Cancer can be beaten! Let's do it together. I survived and so can you!

- Claire White
For friends and family who have experienced cancer

- Francine Vickery
For the heroes who have fought and are fighting so bravely. My heroes: Don Rolando Garcia, Luz Castillo, Don Francisco Caldera, Sabrina Aujla.

- Arlen
In honour of Rachel Eaves, my precious daughter, and the most positive person I know!

- Christine Eaves

Let's all work to conquer this

- Ashraf Manji
Let's win this war against cancer!

- G Tai
my prayers are with you and all your family

- Lillian Pasin
My sister who passed away to young

- Judith Rodney
So grateful to all the Healthcare Team for their kindness and compassion during my journey to a successful recovery!

- Gertrude Kathleen Currie
Thank you!

- Anne-Marie Middleton
Thanks for your hard work

- Jora

- Anne Brailsford

- Aurora fajardo

- Beiying Zhou

- Brian Lee

- Carol Wong

- Dave & Sandi Varty

- Debra Haas

- Doreen Grossman

- Ed Davies

- Edward Higgins

- Elaine M Sorensen

- Frain



- Janny Wong

- Jodi Evans

- Kevin Healy

- Lynn Marie Jest

- Marianne Alto-Bond

- Melva Bradshaw

- Phuong Ho

- Razia Shivji

- Razia Shivji

- Robert Symington

- Rozi Karabedian

- Suzann Zimmering

- Teresa Lee

- Wesley Young

- William Easton
All the best!

- Eddy Choi
God is good all the time! A big thank you to the Surrey Cancer Clinic. After 4 cycles of chemotherapy and 20 rounds of radiation, I triumphantly rang the milestone bell on my last radiation treatment. During my treatment, the care I received was amazing.

- Beth Damaso
Happy New Year

- Teresa Man Ting Ng
Keep up the good work

- David Seymour
Keep up the good work, BC Cancer research

- Terry Ann Carter
Let's stay strong together in these trying times

- Mike and Daniela
My dad was only supposed to live for 8 months after his diagnosis. With all the treatment options and experimental trials, we were blessed with 4 extra years with him. Time we never would have had without the help of the BC Cancer Agency.

- Brooke Elphick
Praying for a cure for cancer any time soon

Thanks for your effort

- Karunakaran Jainshaw
Together we will beat cancer!


- Ali Majid

- Anita Pontaletta

- Anthony Makela

- Barb McDonald


- Bruce Wiedrick

- Carol Li

- Carola Daffner

- Charlotte Diane Caverhill

- Dennis O'Reilly

- Dirwyn and Darlene Hayes

- Garry Bergstresser

- Home West Vancouver

- IMmacolata Officer

- Julianne Conry

- Keiko Mizuno

- Khasha Shariati

- Lee Chambers

- Michael Murphy

- Michele M Jones

- Musica Chiang

- Patricia ORielly

- Sandra Zech

- Surjit S Madhopuri S.C.

- Vicki Trerise
3 years passed, I am still living.

- Xiao Yu Zhang
Be possible. There is a light in the end of the tunnel. God Bless

- no name
Be strong and always have Faith!

- Barry F
Be strong and have Faith

- Barry F
Cancer can be beaten!

- Nancy Czigany
Giving Back

- Claudette Anrude
hope for a better year

- Darrell Erickson
In memory of Paul Nixon

- Bob & Bonnie Davidson
In memory of the love of my life.

- Judith McFarlane
Keep up the good work!

- Don
Research is crucial to people like me with stage 4 cancer

- Clint Burnell
Sending love, strength and prayers to all affected by cancer.

- Bryanna Pelletier
Thank you for all you do in caring and helping patients and families, especially in this challenging year.

- Francis
Thank you for taking care of my Dad - because of you, he's living his best life.

- Kelly
Thanks to the Victoria's Quilts for their kind gift of a beautiful quilt

- Brian
To replace muddled address RBC cheque #202 dated Dec 4th

- James Rae
We care that you care. With much appreciation, Binners and Edward

- Edward Davidson
We join you in your fight!

- Janine

- Amirali Kassam

- Arpeg Holdings Ltd

- Aubrey Borden

- Barbara and George Humphrey


- Bruce Clark

- Cam MacDonald

- Cherilyn Drew

- Clare Hamilton-Eddy

- D'Arcy Mainwaring

- Darlene Caslor

- David Bettesworth

- David Langmuir

- Dickson Choy

- Gary Wozny

- George F Gunville

- Glenn Fedor

- Glenna Tiedje

- Janet Karhoffer

- Jeff Ingwersen

- John A Mee

- Kelvin Chow

- Ken and Sine Wilk

- Kit Mui Man

- Les Fraser

- Lilian Suen

- Nancy Cramer

- Pieter Swart

- Sarah Anderson

- Sheila Fidler

- Stephen Curran

- Steve Vanagas

- Theresa Sheehan

- Wally R. Chinn

- William Richards
Annual giving

- Kersasp Bharucha
Be strong

- Yin Yin
Best wishes for further advances in your research

- Reginald Garnett
Better health for all

- Anyone
Cancer can be cured

- Edwin Lee
Cherishing all our loved ones.

- Jungs
Extremely Grateful for the Foundations dedication to researching & fighting to bring an end to Cancer. We are blessed and we thank you.

- Darlene Templeton
For my dad and my brother Joey

- Mary Lewis
For my dad and my sister

- Gillian Astbury
God bless all you and our health scientists for everything you do!

- Marina Ubalde
God Bless your work, you helped my wife at age 52. I know mor people who are survivers today

- robert thomas
Grateful for BCCF!!

- Johanne Fort
Hang in there Dad!

- Graham Salvail
Have a blessed, healthy and prosperous new year 2021

Hoping for more cures for everyone affected by cancer.

- Marnie Jarvis
Hoping for more cures for everyone affected by cancer.

- Marnie Jarvis
Hoping one day we can eradicate cancer.

- Maria Sparolin
If we fight together, we can beat this disease!

- Alison Szabo
In loving memory of Kevin Alstad

- The Johnstone"s
In memory for my hero, my brother, Donald C Johnson

- Jill H. Johnson
In memory of Gordon Jan

- The Jan Family
in memory of Maurice Chiasson

- Patrick Shaw
In memory of my late husband Gary

- Sonja Clarke
In memory of my special needs brother and uncle, Robert Cheng. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Lund and his caring team at Fraser Valley Cancer Clinic Surrey. Thinking of the ones on their journey to beat cancer.

- Susie, Melanie, Tyler and Wesley Gee
In Memory of my wonderful husband. A shout out to all those who care so deeply for the patients they care for. And to my friends who battle cancer today. My heart is with you.

- Sheila
In memory of the friends I have lost to cancer

- Jan van Eijk
Keep hope and love in your heart

- Martine de Leeuw
Keep the faith and never lose hope, you are brave and strong.

- Diane Murphy
Keep up the good work

- Alli Amlani
Keep up Your Good Work! Wish your colleagues have a peaceful year of 2021!

- Conrad Chung
Life is truly a gift! Keep treasuring what God has given you--His promise in Christ remains always!

- Jonathan Asmus
Many of our family members have benefitted from research funded by BC Cancer Foundation. Thank you.

- Leanor Vlug
May your recovery be shortened by God's blessings through his word.

- David Stasuk
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wishing and praying for the best of everyone. ♥️

- Remedios Guarin
My beautiful niece;

- Roland Boisvert
Please help. CLL cancer people

- Val Grandoni
Prayers and hope for Lorraine - my most precious wife

- John Radford
Praying for a cure....

- Sharron Young
Saving-life makes a intact family perfectly

- Susanna Choy
Stop cancer!

- Kari Van Hest
Take Care & Stay Safe!!!

- David Tse
Thank you for all you do!! Let's keep fighting for a cure.

- Connie
Thank you for all you do.

- Miriam
Thank you for the great work you do at BC Cancer.

- K. Kainth
Thanks for your hard work, happy holidays and happy new year

- Howard Lee
Thanks to all at BC Cancer Research and BC Cancer Foundation

- Kathryn Patricia Swangard
To celebrate Nicki's recovery. You beat it girl!

- Joan Smith
To give hope to all those suffering

- Jenny
Together we can try to cure cancer. I wanted to do a good deed on New Year's Eve and I decided to turn to the cancer foundation to make a donation. Much love to everyone I hope we can make a difference and help change lives ... I have hope

- Rina Parmar
type your message here

- ollie
Wish everyone Happy New Tear!

- Patrick To
Wishing 2021 is a Year of Hope

- Filomena Bettencourt
wishing everyone strength and peace in 2021

- Marsha Miller
Working to defeat cancer

- Diane Jolda
You are loved!

- Bronwen

- Abdul

- Alisa Christine Bridger

- Anne Alderton

- Anne Chisholm

- Barry Porter

- Barry Quart

- Beatrix Hahn Grant

- Brad Turner

- Bradley G Scheck

- Caitlin Cramb

- Calvin W Engel

- Cathy Harmer

- Cheryl Vickers

- Constance Elaine Lilley

- Damanjit Bawa

- David Gale

- David Ronald Wilson

- Dawne Fowler

- Dean Saddler

- Deborah Brakeley

- Dennis Rushinko

- Donald J Rideout

- Dr Michael Lee

- Dwain Mah

- Elaine Freeman

- Frank

- Gardiner James Wilson

- Gavin Cooper

- George Fardelmann

- Gerald and Marion Healey-Ogden

- Giuseppe Rossi

- Gwendolyn Page


- Harveen Nijjar

- Heather Mielcarski

- Huiyuan Ma

- Ian Kendrick

- Jack Chong

- James Peacock


- Jeanne Moses

- Jeff Christianson

- Jeff Joynes

- Jennifer Andres

- Jeremy Webber

- Joan and Ernie Streifel

- John & Eileen Osachoff

- John A Brock

- Julia Smart

- Kam Rai

- Karina Boenders

- Kavita Goldsmith

- Keith & Gail Knowlson

- Kelly Duncan

- Kenneth McGregor

- Kiran Atwal

- Kristy Green

- Lai Sui Ho

- Lance Lapointe

- Lani Morris


- Lata Sood

- Laura Rampton

- Lerae Siudy

- Lesley Huygen

- Lorraine Williams

- Lory Riego

- Margo Barber

- Matt Cowlrick

- Meg Mentanko

- Michael Ng

- Mike Bowyer

- Morris Biddle

- Nancy Murray

- Natasha D Little

- Neil McMahon

- Patricia A Sharpe

- Patricia Parkinson

- Pau yin Lau

- Pei Mei Chia

- Peter R. Hartlieb

- Quan Cheng

- Ray

- Rob Chasmar

- Rod and Barb Hughes

- Ron Johnson

- Ronald Au

- Sandra Hobson

- Sean Gibbons

- shirley woo

- Shokat Virani

- Sukhvinder Rai

- Tao Li

- thomas grieve

- valerie halcrow

- Vanessa Drake

- Wouter Hoogland

- York Stewart

- Zahra Merani
In memory of my friend Dianne Drewery

- Joan Webb

- rubina Kim

- Surya Narayan

- Andrew P Stafiej

- Stephen Sawchuk
Together we can stop the pain

I'm always praying for them to have more hope and courage as I used to be one of them.

- Airene

- Ted Friesen
In memory of our neighbour and friend, Eileen

- Anne and Bill Trussler
I survived 23 years of treatment!!! Ignore and go ahead

- Rudolf Tize
Sending light, love & hope for everyone living with and affected by cancer . . .

- Sandy
This is to honor my twin's 5th angel-versary on December 29th 2020 and as well as another amazing lady my mom. My mom beat Breast cancer early this year and is cancer free. While both stories are extremely different in their own ways, I still have hope.

- Nadya
For all those who have lost a loved one to cancer and those who relentlessly pursue a cure

- Steve C
~Sending strength & love to all affected by cancer ❤️

- Julia Sangerloo
Merry Christmass

- Jack and Diane Weidmann

- Anca Apostu

- Brigitte Behrisch

- Douglas Clare Wickware

- Eddy Wong

- Gerald and Angela Wesley
for friends who have died of cancer

- Morgan family

- P. Scott Lawrie
David and Dorothy

- Patricia Sweeney
God is good all the time. And all the time God is good.

- Rowmen

- Allan Chin Kwang Han

- Annie Yeung

- Bill & Mel
Wishing you health in the coming year

- Cindy and Jill
I would like to honour Dr. Andrea Lo who is my oncologist at BC Cancer clinic.

- Anonymous
Key Joyce, Joanne Simmers, Katherine Perka

- Anonymous
In memory of Tania Ainsworth

- Anonymous
My husband Gary Owens

- Elizabeth
Merry Christmas and a better New Year!

- Deborah A Marks


Merry Christmas.

- Jessie
In memory of my dad. As well as friends mom in her battle.

- Justin

- Larry Watkins

- Mark & Sally Nairn
Healthcare and researches

- Anonymous
Love, strength, and happiness to all!

- N&N
Thank you for your care and patience.

- Quan Wen Chen
We share life

- Shaun
In memory of our beloved brother and brother-in-law. You will be in our heart forever!

- Washington & Donna

- Alan Pallett
Thank You

- Arvind Singh
Jane Grinnell

- Anonymous
May our small gift bring Joy and Hope to cancer patients and their families. God bless you all!

- Athena Lee & Bendy Kwong

- Barry Price

- Brian Parkinson

Fight against all!!!

- Charles Golden
In memory of Lyle Voth, dearly missed by his loving family and friends

- Connie Trask
In memory of Betty Trask, dearly missed by her loving family and friends

- Connie Trask
Every one Stay Safe

- Constance. N Mayers
please earmark this for testicular cancer research/ treatments

- Daryl Tyacke

- Diana Del Negro
Thank you, Tim for you work in 2020. All the best in 2021

- Dianne Lapierre
May the beauty and wonder of Christmas!

- Edmond

- Evelyn Phillips
in my family's name

- Gina Robinson

- Helene
Please find a cure!

- Jack and Theresa Masterman
This donation is in honour of Pat Placzek, who died of cancer on June 16, 2015.

- James and Pontip PLACZEK
Thank you Kelowna Cancer Centre for taking care of Tim

- Janice Helle

- Jim and Sheree Dooner

- Jim Soursos
Thanks to BC Cancer my spouse received excellent care and is cancer free

- John E White

- Karri Iddon

- Ken Kadonaga

- Kim Harmer

- Mrs Janine Grace


- Nella C Yzerman

- Pat Thompson
Stay strong . We are all in this together and will get through it.

- Peter J. Nadler

- Rhys Jones

- Richard von Hehn
In memory of Janice Eckert "Wendy", dearly missed by her loving family and friends

- Sarah Silva
We miss you, dear Elida!! May you Rest In Peace. Love, Ivan, Susan and Family

- Susan and Ivan Tse

- Susan Yu

Keep your good work

- Victoria Yau Chee Chan

- Ada YN Chan

- Andrew Azmudeh
Be strong, have faith and fight the good fight.

- Ann & Alan Weaving
For Owen Weeks

- Chris Lippelt and Family C/O Robin Varley
For Kbi's Janma

- Clare
Best wishes to everyone at the BC Cancer Agency as you continue to do great work.

- Clive and Carol Holloway

- Dan Reid

- Diana Barchard

- diane elizabeth nelles
In memory of Richard

- Dimas Craveiro
Thank you for doing all that you can, And Go go BCCF!

- Elia Baylen

- Elizabeth Meharg

- Eric Chu
Sending lots of healing and hope your way and a Merry Christmas

- F.M

- Fred and Linda Yada
Grateful to be celebrating another year with our mother in law

- Heidi Wood
Merry Christmas!

- Jackie Zdravka Slavenova

- Jasvir Gill

- Jessica Chen

- John Tansey
Keep up the fight

- Lauren Miller
I'm a two time survivor thanks to those who gave before me!

- Laurier Primeau
To the doctors and caregivers at SMH Cancer Centre. Many thanks for your care and hard work.

- Marion Spidel

- Mary Schuster
In the loving Memory of Sohan S.S. Sangha miss you alot

- Mohinder Kaur Sangha

- Peter Jonathan Kraft

- Rex McLennan

- Robert Nemish

- ron E.R. evans
Love, hope and perseverance will win the day!

- S & E Chiang
May this play a part in someone's Christmas miracle one day.

- Scott, Joanne, Nikita and Alex Taylor
In memory of our Mother & Grandma Margaret Muir.

- Smaha-Muir Family

- Ted Friesen
Merry Christmas !!!

- Thania Estrada

- Tom Bennett
Peace and Comfort in your loss

- Wally and Norma Russell

- Winston Chan

- Yvonne Chien
We are donating to you in memory of Adaea Smart. With this donation, we hope you can help everyone through cancer.

- Zayden Corker Williams
Thank you to eveyone at the BC Cancer agencey for all the hard work you all Do

- Cam Macdougall
In honor of my mother Katharine Turton

- Chantal Peterson

- Cindy Clark

- Doug & Myrna Wruck

- Jacqueline Fehr

- Joanne Chng

- Justine Hare

- loris yazedjian

- Lynn Blakeway

- Mark Wetter
Merry Christmas <3

- Milly Zhao
Merry Christmas!

- Nicholas Wong

- Po Shan W Chow
The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. Stay strong, be positive and your braver than you know

- Shaun

- Wendy Suzanna Sage-Hayward

- Wendy Suzanna Sage-Hayward

- Yoshisada Domitsu
Cancer sucks...

- Avila Foulkes family

- Chris Wong

- Debra Bell

- Denis Svanhill

- Erika Rowell

- Gary Scott Grais

- Ian Perry
Merry Christmas!

- James Dunlop

- John Montgomery

- Kimberley Neutel

- May Ha Chiu
In honour of my daughter Livia, who wants to help end cancer.

- Michael

- Pauline P Kwan

- Shiraz N Hussein
God bless all

- Vinay
Thanks for your continuing help.

- William Bidewell

- Yair Wand

- Alan Toft
Joy & Hope

- Anthony McAteer

- Beverley Lois Feick

- Brian Foley
Stay positive as new treatments are on the way...

- Colleen

- Dean Hollett

- Elizabeth Scarlett
My dear sister Linda faced her breast cancer with the courage, spirit, and determination she was born with.l know she cared for her family with deep conviction and will be greatly missed by me and her sisters Brenda,Judy, Dale, and Diane.Rest in peace.

- George

- Halina Chopin

- Jack Xing Ho

- Jennifer L Bell-Irving

- Joana Chis
With thanks to the wonderful staff at the Victoria Cancer Clinic who are presently treating my wife, Erika, for liver cancer.

- Ken Pleasance

- Larry Harper

- Luca Riccio
With thanks to all the health care workers who helped keep me alive during this crazy year!

- Lynn

- Martha Konantz

- Mary Abraham

- Michael & Barbara Barbara Richards

- Michael Tam

- Paula R. Gelmon

- Roxana Ho

- Sandra Zangbell

- Susan Rauter
In memory of Steve MacDonald

- Terry Mar and Robin Messenger
Thank you all, for all you do!

- Weesie

- Jodi Evans

- Razia Shivji

- Razia Shivji
In memory of Wendy, dearly missed by her loving family and friends

- Maurice Paré
We are in this fight together. Stay strong and safe!

- Monica Feldman
This is to honor my twin's 5th angel-versary on December 29th 2020 and as well as another amazing lady my mom. My mom beat Breast cancer early this year and is cancer free. While both stories are extremely different in their own ways, I still have hope.

- Nadya
Live everyday with a spirit of joy!

- James & Arien Hood
In honour of all my dear friends lost this year to cancer.

- Louisa Bomben
In honor of my momma, Teresa Fijal. You are my sunshine XOXO

- The Van Poederooyen Family

- Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada

- chris w sanderson

- Gordon Samuel

- Howard Waisman

- Johanna King

- John and Mary Harker

- Len Biggs
Best Wishes to all this Christmas!

- Marcia and Jim

- Mark DuMont
Thanks for helping support breast & skin cancer screening -- without those we wouldn't be here!

- J & G

- Michelle Brunstein


- Weber Sarah

- Anthony Leslie Say

- Dorothy A Hoffman
Donation towards Lymphoma research

- Douglas and Alice Davies

- gary a corbett
In loving memory of beautiful Deborah.

- Gretchen Tournier

- Heather Latondresse

- Henry Hui

- Janice G. Young

- Judy Buckley

- Mabel Chau

- Neil Watson
Hoping for a cure

- Roselyn Scott

- Sharan A Wood
Sending LOVE and HUGS to al!!

- The Ching family

- Zofia Nagy

- Aeon Group

- Calvin Ing

- David Boyd
In memory of Paulette Claire Gazda

- Florence Kwan

- Joanne Schroeder

- Jordan Sugiyama

- Jose Gil


- Lu Tang

- Maureen Jackson

- Phillip James Murray
Stay strong. Stay the course. Never look back. It WILL get better. Be compassionate with yourself and allow yourself the time to grieve. This is all part of the journey.

- RCaldera
Thanks for your amazing Care to me in 2017-2018. I remain Cancer Free

- Sheilagh Mans

- Stephen Lee

- Van Cong Luu

Miss and thanks , Elida

- Anna and Lawrence

- Aziman Ibrahim
My 50th wedding anniversary but only made it for 31 years

- Brenda Hochachka

- Colin D Laight

- Cyrus Toobaei

- Donald Leman
Great health care team .Merry Christmas to all.

- Erica Ritchie

- Francoise Breault Orr

- Heidi Martin

- Jackie Nicks

- kennedy crawford
Seeing our son ring the bell and be surrounded by the loving team is our most proud and memorable moment of our cancer journey

- Kiran Veerapen
In Honour of Shelley Campbell

- L D Campbell
Thanks ever so much for your care and hard work.

- Luzviminda Manansala Magtang
In memory of my husband and loving father

- Maylene Cochrane

- Michael Smith

- Mike Chamberlain

- Neil John McInnes
Pleased to assist.

- Nick Shaigec
All those in need of support

- Owen Gillstrom

Stay Positive

- Solvia Ng
For my dad, who has pancreatic cancer

- Tanya Behrisch

- Terrry Hawley
hope this helps in a small way

- terry tobin

- Trent Thompson
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem!

- Veronica Wu

- Virginia Lee
There is always hope

- Anpurna Patel

- Art and Ernestine E Franson

- Arvid Lacis

- Bernie Meier

- Carol Barton

- Christian De Vera
The battle never ends.

- Dan and Rosa Behuniak

- EFS e-Forensic Services Inc

- gurpreet singh
Please do not underestimate your strength, you will get through this.

- Hira Aziz

- Hugh See

- John Irwin

- Marilyn Harrison
Defund the Police

- Melissa

- Mohinder Randhawa
To continue your good works

- Patricia Fedechko
This is to honour my father-in-law Urwin White, who passed away some years ago from prostate cancer. Rest in Peace and Grace,Urwin

- Ralph Smith

- Ramon Jecks

- Renay Fylling
Stay safe and strong

- Richard Finch
Hang in there !

- Richard Wiebe
Keep up the fight

- Tony Wan

- Wendy Liang

Happy holidays

- Ann Paterson
Thank you for all you do!

- Diane G

- E. Reynolds
Keep up the good work. THANK YOU!!!

- Evelyn McNee

- Ip lee Pui Han Yvonne

- John Shaw
Fund Raiser Nold / Bartlett / Loudon

- Kevin Nold
In memory of our Mom, Joan Salt

- Lisa Salt

- Martha MacDonald

- Peggy Egroff
In loving memories of Elida Kong

- Sean & Ina Xiong

- Susan Anderson

- Warren Downs

- why gan
Elida, rest in peace, you will be missed.

- Yong Dong You

- Anne Bergstrom
For prostate cancer

- Bryan Hannay

- Charles Dixon

- David Taylor

- Henry Leung

- Jeffrey Hand

- Jian Wang

- Judi Hess
Hope for a cure!

- Judy A.

- Kary Taylor

- KATHLEEN Thompson

- Made Nicolas Duncan Jordan
With thanks for your wonderful treatment from Jan/July 2020. And especially radiation team 1

- Peter Speer
I memory of Lance and Allana

- Coverstar Canada

- Darlene A. Martin

- Delmar Brooks

- Frederick W Trembath
Thank you so much to the LEAF program for their care, support and continuing source of information.

- Jim and Joy
Your light will shine forever in our hearts!

- Karen Truscott

- Kevin van Donkersgoed

- Lynne Larsson
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas

- Melissa Wheaton

- Narges Ashtari


- Ramesh Krishnan

- Robert L Samson
To all the angels in the sky


- Steve Ingham
For Ted

- Sue

- Angela Jorge


- Daniel Tetrault

- Douglas John Cavill

- Helen & Raphael Tse

- Helen Money
Please delete my wife Dianne Harford from your mailing list. She passed away from Pancreatic Cancer on Dec 31, 2016.

- Ken Harford

- Mark Engineering McCarthy
Sending love. Miss you mom.

- Merina
In loving memory of our friend, Larry Bittorf.

- National Hydronics Team

- Pauline Grigoletto

- Ping Jung

- Rajni & jagdish Parhar

- Rebecca Thomas

- Sam A. Scorda

- Susan Carlson

- Traction on Demand
There are not enough words to describe our gratitude. Thank you to everyone in BC Cancer for their continual hard work.

- Ben Conacher
Hope is our saving grace!

- Betty Papoutsakis

- Bradley Gee
This month marks a year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It's been an unforgettable journey but BC cancer has given me hope.

- Hen
In memory of my family

- Jesse Borthwick

- Lynn Beimers
Thank you to all the Doctors and nurses at the Victoria Cancer Clinic for their dedication, help and kindness this past year.

- Peter M

- Peter Ronald Amstutz

- Robert Grieve
I am so grateful for the care I received from the Surrey cancer centre and want to do my part to give back.

- S Hickling

- Sam Hung
Wishing hope to all patients and families, know that you are in good hands.

- Spencer & Kim Griffin

- Subbarao V Evani

- Sylvie Rostoker-Shipman

- walter ko

- Ashley Stevenson

- Christopher R Carr
god love you , dont give up

- diana chui
For those of us who have beat cancer and in honour of those who lost the battle

- Diana Rae
This donation is in memory of my brother, Garry Wheaton , who was a resident of the Rotary House in Kelowna while receiving radiation treatments in January 2020, who st

- Diane O'Brien

- Ian Thomas

- Judy dyce

- Kevin O'Malley

- Mary Ellen Sheridan
Stay strong! you are all superhero's

- natasja parlee

- Pamela Welwood

- Peter and Barbara Buree

- Russell Cape
Keep up the good work

- Surinder Sura
Many thanks to the great staff of the Victoria BC Cancer Clinic.

- Tom Dingle
Thinking of every cancer patient this gift will help.

- Charlotte
I am in remission and so thankful for the care and research that gave me this outcome. My young daughters chose BC Cancer Agency to support this Christmas because they know mommy is better because of the care I received from BCCA. Thank you

- Dawn Macdonald

- Debbie Forster
For Susie

- Douglas McCandless

- Holly Piwowarski

- James Stewart

- Janice Jeffrey

- Jean Peachman
For my Ku Ku

- Jean.L
Let this Christmas shine

- Kerry

- Leona Grasky
Thanks to all those who helped me through my successful journey, especially those behind the scenes.

- Lynda Callioux

- Tim Rode
For Anya Kawerninski

- Vicki Niemi
In memory of Tracey Munday... a beautiful and kind soul who fought a valiant fight!

- Wiebke Szalay
Thank you for all the work you do.

- .Joanna Schofer

- Adrianna Tse
In memory of my mom and for those that BC Cancer Foundation has helped in the fight against cancer

- Albert So and Family

- Allen Edge
My daughter has asked for a donation to be made this Christmas, by me, on her behalf because we are both so grateful for the excellent cancer care I am receiving.

- Brenda Harrison
Thank you so much for your wonderful organization

- Brook Famiy
In memory of my sister, Karen (2018), and brother-in-law, Robin (2019).

- Cherie and Gordon Anderson

- Daniel Flatt


- Jane Fox
In honour of our Auntie Sherrie who passed this year from cancer. We miss you!!!

- Jen and Jodi

- Judy
For those we have lost, and for those we have not.

- K.W.

- Lori Wiseman

- Nancy Mussio

- Peter and Amy Tam

- Prithpal Manhas

- Robert L Jordan
To honour our loved ones who were not able to win the battle. We love and miss you dearly

- Shaun & Tammy
Keep up the good work

- Susanna Tapp

- W.R. Walking Divas
Thanks to BCCA and all those health care people.

- Ander Yu
Miss my mom ❤️

- Anita
Congratulation on a good job in treating my Brave and Joyous Sister Aida Hernandez Aida Hernandez

- Arturo Hernandez - Mi Tierra Holidays

- casandra a banman
In memory of my two cousins Anna and Nora, who left us too soon.

- Christine
To our friend Allan who fights bravely each day with determination and a smile.

- Garrick

- Helen E Johnson

- Jane Dardi
Thankyou Dr. Freeman and immunotherapy

- Keith Vickers

- Lawrence Cocke
In memory of my beautiful Grandma.

- Linda

- Pat Boyce

- Poonam Jhajj

- Richard Duy

- Susan Lyons

- Douglas Clare Wickware

- Eddy Wong

- Gerald and Angela Wesley

- P. Scott Lawrie

- Patricia Sweeney
For all those who have lost a loved one to cancer and those who relentlessly pursue a cure

- Steve C
Thanks to BC Cancer my wife is cancer free 3 years later.

- Allan Brotherton
In honor of everyone who has been affected by cancer

- William Bert
For those we love & lost to Brest Cancer

- Charles Bell
For the long lineage of cancer in our family, and the hope that future generations will break the pattern. Cancer Agency staff: thank you!

- Elizabeth Atkins
Miss you Sophia

- Kevin
This is to honour the giving spirit of Mai Abdelmoaty!

- Katherine Au-Yeung

- Brian Akhurst

- Peter Andersen

- Virginia Banh
In memory of Paul Nixon a great community leader, but more importantly a family man. He was an amazing mentor.

- Brent & Colleen Barker and Fraser Barker Advisory Group

- Jean Beasley
Thinking of all the cancer patients and wishing each of them a successful recovery

- Joan Beattie

- Paul Bekenn

- John Bernat

- Robert F Berry
We will be having a Blueberry Tea for you soon!

- Shannon Blackburn

- Alan L Boreham

- Julia Bowlby

- Patrick and Bradley

- Lin Brander
Kicking the shite out of the dawn c word

- The Tweedsmuir Grad Gals 'of 85

- Brenda Broughton
in Memory of my Mom, Irma Krusel, and the many dear friends and family members who are bravely fighting this disease!

- Darlene
For Seth - good friend and awesome husband and father to his two wee ones.

- Nicky Calvert
For Rebecca - strong and courageous mother of four and bright light in this world!

- Nicky Calvert

- Alexandra Cameron

- Robert Cessford
I believe in you!

- Ivy C.
Holiday wishes to Dr. Martin Gleave and family.

- Benjamin and Selina Chou
thankyou for your good care of my husband

- Susan Clamp

- Judith Clarke

- Fredaoan Joan Clay
Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

- Rachel

- Dorothy Cooke
God bless all with cancer

- Gail

- John Davoren
In memory of Leann Smith's Daughter

- BC Hockey
For my superhuman mum who remains fiercely determined to beat this.

- Sarah Dodd
To all those living with cancer (I am too)...we stand together.

- Sheila Dodgshon

- Mark DuMont

- Ann Duffield

- Meena
Very happy that BC research is leading the way in Canada!

- Donna Dunn

- Adrianne P Dunsmore
Miss you mom....

- Mark Edwards

- Allan Epp
To all those who are still fighting this battle "stay strong " you are in our prayers, To all those who have "lost the battle" your families are in our prayers as you are in a better place.

- Mark Evans
Please direct this money to ovarian cancer

- Joan Ezra

- Rochelle Farquhar

- Victor Fast
To a hero and his supporting hero.


- Melvyn Feddersen

- Roman Fedorko
Stay Strong

- Nonna

- Geoffrey Forgie

- Allen M Fowlis
Stay Strong and Bless your Heart to anyone that cancer has touched

For Peter

- Janet Giltrow

- Walter Goersch
In honour of everyone's loved ones that have ever been touched by cancer.

- Carey-Ann Gorse

- Margaret Graham

- Diane Grenier
"Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; my flesh also will rest in hope."

- KT

- Deb Hallman

- Ingrid Helfrich
Family Donation

- Darwin Hendricks
Thank you for everything you do!

- Craig Hennessey
Thankful for all the doctors and nurses at the BC Cancer Surrey! Especially the nurses at the chemo room. Happy holidays!

- Irene and Ted

- Jack Xing Ho

- Sandra Hobson
Wishing everyone the best

- Andy
In memory of Paul Nixon for his unwavering commitment and contribution to his community

- Leigha Horsfield

- sheng che Lin
Happy Holidays to Everyone!

- Michelle Hung

- Jim Innes

- Robert (Bob) Irlam

- Jones Marine Group Ltd.
"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that that highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." John F. Kennedy

Please keep up the good work to save lives! Thank you for all the support given!

- Anthony Ko

- Jantine (Jenny) Kalsbeek

- Robyn Kingra
To honour the healthcare heroes and researchers at BC Cancer who work tirelessly to improve outcomes and save lives.

- Ksenia Kurilla

- Kwan

Together we're better!


- J Lawder

- Rosemary Lawrence

- David Layton

- Agnes Lee
Dennis Alves

- Swaneset Golf & Country Club
My dear aunt Grace g Get well soon.

- Hsiu- Ling Lee

- Ruby Lee

- Robyn Roscoe
In memory of Chack Cheung

- Joseph Lo

- Veeral Lodhia
Donating on behalf of three dear friends

- Rick Logie
Cancer will be beaten

- Serafina Lowe
Thank you for all you do for patients and families

- Anonymous
Continue Your Good Work Making Cure a Reality

- Peggy Mak

- Mark Marshall

- D. H. (Ron) & Carolyn Martin

- Michelle Brunstein

- Joan M McKey

- Douglas and Suzan McVicar
Thinking of Jules and her family during this difficult time💜

- Tara

- Lorraine Milani
In memory of Dave

- Laura Mills

- Terry Moore
My way of keeping myself in check with my smoking habit!!


- Shane Neukomm

- Georgina Nicholson & Jacques April
Let's make our world cancer-free!!!

- Deb N.
In memory of Wendy, dearly missed by her loving family and friends

- Maurice Paré

- Susan Parsons

- Jodi Pashak
In memory of Steve MacDonald, a good friend, a great golfer and all round good guy.

- Phil & Gayle Patton
Wishing our friend and colleague, Greg, all the best as he fights his fight with cancer

- The team @ Aquilon Software

- Johnny & Lindsay
Sending blessings to those fighting cancer or helping someone fight!

- Image Engine Design Inc.

- Greg Poole

- Steve Porchetta

- Mike Sandra Posnikoff

- Ian Raffel
In honour of an amazing woman, Aurora Costantino

- Duff Reid

- Christopher Reynolds

- Doug Richardson
We are matching an employee donation as part of our Community Sharing initiative at Gordon Food Service.

- Gordon Food Service
Let's make a difference in 2021...

- Ruth Robertson

- April Rodinger

- Havelock Rolfe
in memory of Lisa

- Rosa

- Stan and Sheila Saibil

- Gordon Samuel
Hope is what keeps us strong.

- Roger Sangerloo

- Rod Scheuerman

- Bernad Schulz

- Deepak Seth
Thank you for the wonderful work you do for all cancer patients!

- Gwen Sin

- C Paul Sinitsin
To my amazing sister June. You will never be forgotten.

- Sue Sittrop

- Adam s

- Jack L Smith

- Carl & Jean V Smith

- Maureen Smith
In Memory of Sharon Spencer

- CM Spreeuw

- Constance J Stephenson
Merry Christmas

- Maecie Street

- Lois Sutherland

- Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada
Dreams of a Healthy Life for All

- Mitsuo
Thank you Dr. Davies and all the wonderful staff at BC Cancer Agency.

- Harpal Takhar
Peace on Earth


- Thomas Robert Tarlton

- Liz Taylor

- Roy D Taylor
Let's end this horrible disease

- Doriana Temolo
Researchers, volunteers, staff, patients: Have a restful Christmas!

- Alison Temple
Hope for all!

- David Thomson

- Pauline M Tranter

- Lorraine Truant

- Jorgito and Elaine Tseng
The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. Stay strong, be positive and your braver than you know

- Shaun
In Memory of Russell Verrall

Happy gurupurab

- Anhad Virk
To my wife and my friends and family who have fought and are fighting cancer

- Ronald Waterman

- Weber Sarah
For everyone fighting this disease, or facing the fear and uncertainty for the future, there is hope. You can do this!


- Tammie Wheeler

- Chris White
Missing you and your wonderful smile Doug.

- Sue, Jason & Kirk

- Linda Wilson

- Len Windsor

- Josephine Winsor

- Maureen Wong

- Don Yee

- Brenda Zanolli

- Heather Baker

- Mokarram Miraftab

- Shirley C rainey

- James Ranta

- Philip

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