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This holiday season, please make a gift to honour a Shining Star in your life.

From a special care provider at BC Cancer to someone you keep close to your heart, your donation honours them while helping to fund vital cancer research and care.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we have so many Shining Stars at BC Cancer to celebrate including our clinicians, scientists and supporters like you who make their life-saving work possible.

This is also a time of year to honour the many patients who find hope and courage in the face of cancer. Patients like Michelle Reilly.

Michelle and Carla

Michelle was only 15 when she began to feel pins and needles in her feet. Soon, she was suffering from excruciating back pain and numbness in one leg. Then one day she woke up completely paralyzed from the waist down.

Doctors quickly discovered Michelle had a tumour on her spinal cord and diagnosed her with Glioblastoma Multiforme, a fast-growing form of cancer that usually has a very grim outlook.

After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Michelle and her family were relieved to find her tumour had shrunk. But then they got devastating news: The tumour had grown back.

Fortunately, Michelle had been enrolled in BC Cancer's Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG) Program, funded by generous donors like you. Experts had sequenced the entire DNA of her tumour and discovered it might respond to an innovative immunotherapy.

Michelle’s immune system was given a boost to attack her cancer and she made incredible progress, enjoying time with family and friends. Six months after starting immunotherapy, Michelle was able to walk again with the aid of arm supports.

Michelle and her family aren’t sure what the future holds. Her tumour recently started progressing again. But she has a positive outlook. She is hopeful that her care team can once again use POG to identify another effective course of treatment.

Michelle is reflecting on the Shining Stars in her life this holiday season: her mother, Carla, her champion through her cancer experience; her boyfriend, Dylan her ‘rock’; and the BC Cancer experts who won’t stop looking for new options for her.

Please make a gift to honour Shining Stars like Michelle and support the very best in cancer research and care.


We are the fundraising partner of BC Cancer. Every dollar we raise stays right here at BC Cancer to advance research and enhance care for the people of B.C.

At the BC Cancer Foundation we believe that with your help BC CAN make a difference in the lives of all British Columbians. We know that one in two people in our province will face cancer in their lifetime and we’re igniting progress to break down cancer, piece by piece, in the labs and clinics.

By working with people like you, who believe that investments in science and enhancements to care can make a significant difference for British Columbians, we are confident that BC CAN change the outcome for each person facing this disease.

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Your Shining Star will be shared below shortly after making a donation.

Thank you for your support!

Recognize Your Shining Star

Jasmin - my angel caregiver

Audrey & Nathan supporting their grandpa's fight.

-The Nguyen Family
Everyone who works at BC Cancer Foundation

All my family & friends who have been taken from us too soon from CANCER!!

Cancer Oncolgists in the Lower Mainland

-Margaret H.
Anyone Who Has To Fight This Terrible Disease

-Glen Sandve
my family

-Phil Belanger
Happiness for all

My wife

Helen Bessette

-Kenneth DeVall

-Thi Khuu
Doctors and nurses who treat cancer

-Gerry Kiernan
All those who battle cancer

Noordin Amlani

-Michael Moore
Mom, George

Marilyn Sigouin

-Strategic Services Branch
Our Parents

-George & Carol Martin

Leslie W. Graham

-Helen Black


-Khashayar Shariati
Kiu Tai Kwong

-David Kwong
Our son Darrin

-Glen & Sandy Post
Ken, Dorine, Janet

My mom Kuk Ho Chui

-Diana Wong
Janet Forseth

-The Kitchen Technician
R Tauro

-J Tauro

Every single person who suffers from this terrible disease

-Delia Ridley
Doctors and nurses at Fraser Health Cancer Clinic

-Oscar Ocampo
Our children Max and Rebecca

-The Laskin Family
Michael Poulton

-Cody M Poulton
Larry Watkins

-Catharine Watkins
Peter Hammer, Casey Hillton, Douglas Ash

-Ron Ash
Sarb Bolina (my mom)

-Natasha Bolina
Chloe. Jessica. Sam. Jack

-Jim Cooper
Kevin Redmond

-Margo Johnson
Lora Hargreaves

All Cancer patients

-Marlene L.
Michael Minter, Catherine Laidlaw, Maggie Cooper, Hartog Speyer

-Lillian Sly
Vern Bauer

-Judith A Bauer
Ms. McNeil and her mom

Margaret O'Neill

-Maureen and John Ritchie
Margie Terry

-Phil Spring

David Howlett and Debbe Anderson

-Jeannette Pierce
George Blakley

-George Blakley
Lindsay Bolkowy

-Kenneth S Bolkowy
For everyone suffering from this disease

-Ruixing Liang
In Loving Memory of Volker

-Leila's UHill Family
Kevin Redmond

-Shannon Redmond
Loreen Waterman

-John R Waterman

Isabella,Cristofer Alexandria

-Kevin I O'Malley

All the wonderful folks at BC Cancer

-Bruce Cowan
Patti Becker

-Lou and Maggie
My sister Martha

Jo Reierson

-Ed & Kim
Grandad, Brian, Jolanta and Gordon


-Bruce Hobson
Amy M. and J. Roque

-Amanda and Peyton
Janis Dunning

-Jacques Lemay
Terry Fox

-Aidan Mc Aleer


-Khashayar Shariati
Dr. Simmons

Bryan Wong, Chad James, Fred Cirillo, Peter Madden

-Chris Tay
Patrizia and Lane and John

-Terry Taylor
Doctors & Nurses

-Marina Ubalde

- Sandi
All the brave warriors fighting against Cancer

-A Yan
View Royal Fire Staff & Volunteers for all their support this last year

-Kathy Leatham
Bev Wernicke

-Jerry Wernicke

My brother Alan

People with disabilities who enjoy life

To all that I have lost to this terrible disease.

-Marge Macdonald
Doris Votter

-Pat & Gord Samuel
My Mom

-Theo Tam
all kids..

-serafim medeiros
Gail Watson and Glenn Watson

-Sandi Bossons
Sharon Cashore

-Bob and Judy Gougeon
Laverne Brooks and Claudia Girman

Helen Kozak

Blair Loveday and Rona Posen

-Sarah Loveday
To those who have to either deliver hard news or hear it - we wish you monumental courage and strength.

Judy Duke

Mary McCallum and Dr. Judith Pike for their foresight and dedication to women health and hereditary cancers since 1997.

My Family

-Mahendi Lalji

Brenda Fothergill

-Karen & Mike Openshaw
Larry, Lila, Walter and Doris

-Cathy Yaskow
Stuart Dixon, Sandy Drever

-Skip Angus
Bob and Vicki Bissillion

-Jacki Bissillion
My uncle and my friend Sonya


-Mary Lou
Peace on earth


Glen Richards

-Pat Richards
D. Ambil/ G. Ambil

-Chris Urae
Pat Day / and my Dad

-Heather and Dennis Best
Stephanie Cullum

-Katherine A LOVEDAY
Sui Yee Kwok

-Conrad and Angie Kwok
All the Doctors and Nurses at the BC Cancer Center

-W & C Lee
Jonathon Ng

Grandma Annie and Joy

My group members in our Cancer Support Group @ Lions Gate Hospital

Mom, George

The chemo nurses at the Surrey Cancer clinic

Miracles happen to all cancer patients.

wish all the people healthy and happy

-Mary Ma
I wish for successful surgery - I was just diagnosed with mucinous adenocarcinoma... and wish for all cancer patients like myself to continue to receive blessings

-Elizabeth Wong
Shirley Dobbin

-Sophia Gatowski

-T. Yu

My Family

To Everyone Touched By Cancer

Poppy & Stella & Nicholas


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