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IN: State DNR misinformation jeopardizes TNR efforts.

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Tell Gov. Pence that his DNR should change feral cat policy.

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The Department of Natural Resources in Indiana is spreading misinformation about feral cats. In a recent statement, DNR stated that cats are the "number one direct killer of birds." The agency also stated that cats kill 2.4 billion birds per year. This misinformation has been spread by opponents of TNR programs for years, despite its lack of scientific backing. 
Many groups across the state of Indiana have long been involved in successful TNR programs which have worked to humanely control the cat population. The DNR has advocated for relocating colony cats, rehoming feral cats, or bringing them to local animal control where they would probably be killed. The only proven method of humanely reducing the community cat population is through TNR.

Politics is not a spectator sport, so please take action today by sending an email directly to Gov. Pence, Lt. Gov. Holcomb and DNR Director Clark, asking them to change DNR’s feral cat policies to embrace TNR.
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Dear [Decision Maker],

As an Indiana resident, I urge you to direct the Department of Natural Resources to change its policy toward feral cats. Trap-neuter-return (TNR) efforts across our state have been successfully reducing the community cat population for years.

Please demand that your Department of Natural Resources change its policy and promote TNR programs to reduce the cat population.