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UT: Kane County, help stop dangerous nighttime spotlight hunting.

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Help keep our community safe.


Please help keep Kane County safe. The Kane County Commission is considering a radical change to its law to permit nighttime “spotlight hunting” of coyotes and other small wild animals, a practice where hunters immobilize unsuspecting animals by shining a bright light into their eyes.
The proposal not only hurts animals, but lights the night sky with flashlights and puts all of our families at risk from gunshots. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is adjacent to land where this would be allowed, posing a risk that our animals and people could be hit by bullets that miss their intended target.  You yourself might also be in danger at your own residence.
Hiking and camping could become very hazardous with stray bullets flying in the dark. In turn, making this an unsafe area for outdoor activities would be terrible for tourism and the economy it generates.
There’s still time for you to make a difference and protect our community. The county commission will be meeting on Monday August 22 at 10 a.m. to vote on this terrible proposal. The more of us that take action and let our elected leaders know that we oppose the new law, the better will be our chances of success.
We can stop this but we need to speak loudly and as one voice.
Hope to see you there, and thank you.


  • Your County Officials
  • Commision Chairman Dirk Clayson
  • Commissioner LaMont Smith


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a Kane County resident and voter I strongly oppose the current proposal to allow nighttime spotlight hunting in my community.

There are numerous reasons why this new law is a bad idea for Kane County and why I strongly oppose it. Please listen to your constituents and vote no on the "spotlight" proposal.