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NV: NLV, ask the mayor and city council to help save cats.

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Support a community cat pilot program.

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Best Friends Animal Society has been working with the City of North Las Vegas for several months in an attempt to implement a community cat program in North Las Vegas, in partnership with The Animal Foundation (TAF). But unnecessary delays by city council have repeatedly stalled the implementation of this program, resulting in kittens and cats losing  their lives unnecessarily.

Best Friends operates these community cat programs with great success across the country — more than any other organization. The proposed pilot program would allow TAF and Best Friends to save the lives of cats in North Las Vegas at no cost to the city. Clark County and the City of Las Vegas have implemented similar pilot programs with great success.

While the North Las Vegas City Council repeatedly dithers, cats from North Las Vegas continue to die for no conceivable reason. Our community cats need your voice.

Politics is not a spectator sport, so please take action today by sending an email directly to the city council members and the mayor, asking them to approve the community cat pilot program without further delay. Phone calls are also very effective. You can use our online tool to find your city council member.

Thanks! Together, we can Save Them All.


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  • Mayor John Lee
  • Councilwoman, 3rd Ward Anita Wood


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a North Las Vegas resident, I am asking for you to immediately support the proposed community cat pilot program. Cats and kittens in our community are unnecessarily being killed and could be saved by this free program.

We pride ourselves on taking progressive approaches to so many of our city's difficult issues. Let's take that same approach toward the way we treat our community cats. Your support for this program is not only what is best for the cats in our community, but it's also what's best for the residents of North Las Vegas.

Please approve the community cat pilot program immediately and stop the unnecessary delay. It's a win -- for our community, and for the cats.