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Help us end breed discrimination in military housing.

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Did you know that across the different branches of our armed services, dogs of a variety of breeds are prohibited in military housing? These arbitrary policies exist even though the Department of Defense’s own veterinarians have come out against them.
That means that countless responsible military personnel and their loving family pets are prohibited from living together while they serve our country. Sadly, this misguided policy forces military families to surrender their pets to already overcrowded local shelters.
Even the military working dogs who protect our troops on the front lines are included under these policies.
Can you imagine the scenario? You’ve just returned from serving overseas with your dog and now you’re told she can’t live with you, or you’re faced with the horrible choice of having to give up your loving family pet so you can serve your country. There’s something fundamentally wrong with this picture and it’s about time we make a change.   
Please take action now before President Obama leaves office and urge him to sign an executive order protecting responsible dog owners, regardless of the breed of their pet. The animals need your voice. This is a numbers game, plain and simple, so share this message with everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you for helping to Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am deeply upset that our armed forces continue to discriminate against certain pet dog breeds, mutts and their responsible owners, ignoring the advice of the Department of Defense's own veterinarians. It's past time for you to issue an executive order to end breed discrimination in our military housing.

Responsible dog owners and returning MWDs need your help. Please consider signing an executive order to remove these arbitrary breed-based housing policies across our armed services.