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WY: Community Cats in Wyoming Need Your Voice

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Ask your representative to protect Wyoming’s community cats.

Wyoming legislators have introduced House Bill 69, which would give authority to counties to prohibit residents from feeding nuisance animals. Unbelievably, cats in Wyoming are included in the definition of nuisance animals. In this ill-conceived bill, caregivers could potentially be fined for caring for community cats.  Wyoming residents should be allowed to care for cats on their own property if they so choose.

People  caring for cats should not be punished for doing so. HB 69 seeks to put another government barrier in the way of individual freedoms. The only proven method of humanely reducing the community cat population is through trap-neuter-return. 

Politics is not a spectator sport, so please take action today by sending an email directly to your state representative asking him or her to oppose HB 69. Phone calls are also very effective. You can use our online tool to find your state representative.  

Thanks! Together, we can Save Them All.


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