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KY: Help protect pet dogs from activist court ruling

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Ask your senator and representative to support SB 99 and HB 112

In Kentucky, if a landlord rents to a dog owner, the landlord can be held legally liable for that dog’s action. This is due to a recent state Supreme Court decision that is now the law, and it's having negative effects for pet owners in Kentucky.

It’s only logical that if landlords, not owners, are responsible for the dogs living on their property, fewer landlords will choose to rent to dog-owning tenants. There is already a housing shortage for dog-owning families, and this decision magnifies the problem.

Legislation has been introduced that will protect pet-friendly landlords from this far-reaching court decision. Senate bill 99 and House bill 112 clarify that landlords will not be considered the owner of a tenant’s dog (for purposes of liability) unless the landlord is actually living on the property. This makes renting property to dog owners less risky and more likely, which means more homes for dogs and fewer pets surrendered to shelters.

Act now and contact your state representative and senator, and urge them to support SB 99 and HB 112. Then please share this message on Facebook, Twitter and your other social media platforms to help increase our chances of success.

Your action today will help to Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you to support SB 99 and HB 112. These companion bills will help save the lives of pet dogs throughout the state by clarifying our antiquated law on landlord liability and dog ownership.

It's clear that the law needs changing, which is exactly what SB 99 and HB 112 will do. Please support these important bills in committee and on the House and Senate floors.