Act to rescind the Bears Ears Monument in Utah

Wade Lemon Hunting,

Please send a message to Secretary Zinke to Rescind the Bears Ears Monument and protect this area for hunting and ongoing conservation efforts. Thank you for your efforts as a sportsmen and BigGame Forever supporter, to protect state management of wildlife, hunting, and Utah’s hard working rural communities.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

CC: Utah State Representatives and Senators

We, sportsmen and supporters of Big Game Forever, strongly encourage you to rescind Bears Ears monument. It is the best way to ensure the continuation of the efforts, collaboration, and programs that are doing the most to protect, restore, and enhance the hunting access, in this corner of the state of Utah. Our efforts have worked to make this area truly one of a kind for hunters, wildlife lovers, and all who appreciate the wild things and wild places that Utah hunters have worked so hard to restore.

Please rescind the Bears Ears monument designation. We love hunting on these incredible public lands, and want them protected. However, monuments are very restrictive on land and wildlife management. Whatever the future plans are for these areas, Utah Hunters have earned a seat at the table. We encourage you to pursue solutions that will protect state management of wildlife, hunting, and the collaborative, common-sense management investment of Utah's hunters, families and hard working rural communities that has worked for generations.

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