Team BMC Race for a Reason

Team Runny Noses at the Super Sunday 5k, Feb. 2019
Team Runny Noses at the Super Sunday 5k, Feb. 2019

Runny Noses

The Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at Boston Medical Center performs approximately 1,700 hospital-based surgical procedures a year, and cares for some of the hospital's sickest patients - patients who face unimaginable life-threatening disorders and problems that significantly impact their quality of life. Our world-class experts treat a variety of conditions involving the face, ears, nose/sinuses, mouth, throat and neck, including cancers of the head and neck, breathing problems, sinus issues, allergies, sleep disorders, snoring or sleep apnea, swallowing disorders, voice problems, dizziness and balance disorders, hearing loss, and facial deformities or fractures.

Now, imagine any one of those complications in addition to being food insecure, having unstable housing or being unable to afford necessary medications. These are the circumstances that many of our patients face every day.

As dedicated academic otolaryngologists, our goal is: to offer outstanding wraparound medical care while addressing the underlying social determinants of health affecting a patient's overall well-being; to train future generations of surgeons and caretakers; and to perform innovative research to find new, creative ways to treat our patients.

As part of Team BMC, the Runny Noses are raising important funds and increasing awareness to better the lives of our patients and community. Money raised will allow the department to continue researching topics including cancer, hearing loss in children, disparities in allergy immunotherapy, chronic sinusitis and vocal cord paralysis, as well as educate the public about head and neck disease prevention such as cigarette smoking/vaping and throat cancer, allergies and chronic sinusitis, the influence of weight disorders on sleep, and noise exposure in relation to hearing loss.

To support our team, please consider making a donation, joining us for a race or entering a race on our behalf. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Education Coordinator Janine Lipsky at

Thank you for your commitment to Boston Medical Center as we continue to provide exceptional care, without exception to Greater Boston!

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Team Captains: Michael Platt and Peter Weber

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