Naming Opportunities!

At this time, BMDMI is looking for gracious major donors who may be interested in
naming opportunities in our various locations!

Here are some of the opportunities currently being offered by BMDMI!



Guaimaca Hospital: $1,000,000

BMDMI is offering a unique opportunity to allow one or more donors

to name our hospital in Honduras after themselves, a loved one, or an organization.

This is a chance for someone to cement their name within BMDMI's ministry for

all of time! We understand that this is a major gift, and we would love to have a naming

ceremony for the donor when travel resumes! A gift of this size could be made 

in installments, and would be life changing for the security of BMDMI!

Guaimaca Hospital Medical Room: $50,000

BMDMI would love to name our medical rooms in Honduras after 

gracious philanthropists who want to contribute to the lives that are 

changed within these walls. Every room that is named after a donor or 

organization will have a plaque outside of the entrance to the 

medical room with whatever wording they would like.


For Interests or Questions Contact

Dean Pace, VP of Development:

601-544-3586 ext. 214