Montréal Brain Tumour Walk 2019

Keith Fernie

Team Keith Fernie was founded to support his dream to raise awareness for this life changing cause. Sadly, after a hard 16 year fight, he passed away on May 24th 2018. He left behind 2 children: Samantha and Heather, whom miss him dearly.

Keith was able to attend 2 brain tumour run events before he became too ill. I have never seen Keith happier than to be present at these events. The pride and confidence that he displayed while wearing his survivor t-shirt is a memory that will never fade. These events are not solely based on raising money, they play a crucial role in raising awareness and celebrating every survivors journey.


At 14 years old, Sam started participating in these events in honour of her father. Now she's running in memory of his journey and to continue his fight to raise awareness. If you are able to donate any amount to this cause, it would be sincerely appreciated. If ever you are free to attend the event, please do so! It's an amazing way to support the heroes and survivors of your community. 


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The current total amount raised for this city's Brain Tumour Walk is $40,845.00

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