Calgary Brain Tumour Walk 2019

Andrew Szpecht in Australia, 2010
Andrew Szpecht in Australia, 2010

Szpecht-acular Sprinters

The Szpecht-acular Sprinters team will be walking, jogging, sauntering and running in Calgary on June 1st in honour of Andrew Szpecht.  At the age of 23, Andrew was an active, fun-loving, kind, adventurous and easygoing BComm grad.  Three months in to a year-long trip to Australia, Andrew was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme (gbm).  He underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy; but, just 15 months after his diagnosis, Andrew passed away in May, 2012.                                                                                                                    

Throughout his cancer journey, Andrew never lost his sense of humour, his generous smile nor his positive attitude and outlook.   Please join us on June 1st in honour of Andrew as we strengthen the national movement to end this life-changing disease and bring hope to individuals and families across the country:

Hope for progress in discovering the cause of brain tumours.

Hope for better treatments for every child and adult diagnosed.

And, most of all, the hope for a cure.

giving back memories is a 10-song CD inspired by Andrew Szpecht and featuring 39 Canadian singers, songwriters and instrumentalists across a range of music genres. (The song, Beautiful People, playing in the background of the National Campaign video, below, is from the album.)  Download the songs and purchase the album at  All revenue from the sale of the album goes to brain tumour research.

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The current total amount raised for this city's Brain Tumour Walk is $170,785.01

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