Belleville Brain Tumour Walk 2019

Jogging for Jacob

My name is Amanda Woods. On June 28 2012 I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy, Jacob Eli Woods. He was born with severe hydrocephalus. He had a shunt put in when he was two days old. Things were going very well for him.
When he was two months old he started having seizures and we rushed off to the hospital. After a three week stay he was diagnosed with a stage 4 Pinealblastoma. It is a very aggressive brain tumour that affects the pineal gland. The doctors prognosis was that Jacob had 3-6 months to live. Due to the fact that its location made it inoperable and that it does not respond to just chemo alone and even with extensive treatment it wouldn't give him more than an extra 3 months of life. He would be hospitalized the entire time. So we chose to keep him home and give him a good quality of life.

Jacob beat the odds and went on to have a happy 10 and a half months after his diagnosis. His favourite things being curious george and cuddles. He even participated in the Spring Sprint in June 2013.

On August 14th 2013 Jacob passed away peacefully. Although he was only here with us for 14 months he gave and felt enough love to last a lifetime. There isn't a day or moment that goes by that my heart doesnt ache for him. I hope that through our donations and creating awareness that we can help find a way to beat brain tumours once and for all.

I am participating in Spring Sprint because I am passionate about transforming the future for brain tumour patients and survivors. Starting with the moment you hear the words, "you have a brain tumour," information, support and education is critical. And so is investment in research. There are too few treatments for this disease and survival needs to be improved.

Every dollar raised by Spring Sprint goes towards these goals through the good work done by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada – that's what I am supporting.

Thank you for giving and more importantly, for helping the 55,000 Canadians living with a brain tumour. Your help changes lives.

Every little bit helps to make someones life better:)

Thank you.

Amanda & Team Jogging for Jacob

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The current total amount raised for this city's Brain Tumour Walk is $37,735.40

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