Fredericton Brain Tumour Walk 2019

Mathieu's Marchers

When our daughter was receiving her radiation treatments in Halifax for a malignant brain tumour 15 years ago, we had the privilege of meeting a very special boy who was also from New Brunswick and receiving treatments.  During the weeks of shared visits we had a chance to get to know him and his family.  Despite the treatments, Mathieu died only a few years later, but we have never forgotten him, his wonderful smile and his sense of humour.  Hilary is still alive today thanks to the researchers working to find new treatments, but 10 months ago, her tumour returned so the battle continues.  We are walking for Mathieu, Hilary, and the 55,000 Canadians who live with a brain tumour today.

I’m part of the movement to end brain tumours and I hope you’ll support me and my team in this Canada-wide effort to put a stop to this disease.

By signing up for a Brain Tumour Walk, my team and I have made a commitment to end brain tumours and to help provide the essential information and support that every person diagnosed deserves.

All money raised through Brain Tumour Walk events strengthens the national movement to end this life-changing disease and brings hope to individuals and families across the country:

Hope for progress in discovering the cause of brain tumours.

Hope for better treatments for every child and adult diagnosed.

And most of all, the hope for a cure.

Thank you for supporting me and my team, and more importantly, for helping the 55,000 Canadians who live with a brain tumour today.

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The current total amount raised for this city's Brain Tumour Walk is $63,623.28

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