Calgary Virtual Brain Tumour Walk 2020

Rochelle's Army


Thanks to everyone that donated, came out and for those who walked virtually on June 27. 

Here is a little clip of the day.



*Please join ROCHELLE'S ARMY.  It's free to join the walk and we want to spread  awareness to as many people as possible.  Let's create an ARMY walking, running, or dancing behind Rochelle!


 Last year on Good Friday, Rochelle’s world was turned upside down when she had a seizure while driving. Feeling dizzy and confused, her vision blurred. Then the next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital. Soon after Rochelle was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, stage 4, an aggressive, incurable brain cancer.

Rochelle is the artistic director of Dance With France Studio (16yrs) and founder/director of Artists Elite International in Calgary, Alberta. She has been a very active member of the dance community in Canada throughout her life.

Not being one to give up easily, Rochelle continued teaching dance after receiving this news, committed to ensuring that all the children she taught had their year-end recital, as planned. In fact, Rochelle danced in the recital on June 22/19 and didn’t let anyone (outside of immediate family) know that she had scheduled emergency brain surgery three days later.

She had her brain surgery on June 25/19, which was then followed by six weeks of combined radiation and chemotherapy treatment. The operation was of limited success, and the recovery, very difficult. While the treatments are taking its toll on Rochelle’s health, her spirit remains very strong. She has resolved to continue to fight her cancer daily, with a grace and dignity that is truly inspiring. It is clear that despite the grim prognosis, Rochelle is not giving up.

This past February 2020, Rochelle wanted to give back and bring the dance community together again and do another fundraiser, this time in support of Glioblastoma Research. The "Dance Of Thrones 2" event, produced by Artists Elite International, sold out immediately. Dance friends and family surprised her and flew in from as far as Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver. To finish the show, Rochelle got on stage to dance and perform with some of her longtime dance friends from the past. This event raised $14,200 for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Rochelle is very proud and grateful to everyone who helped, donated, and contributed to the event.

To this day, Rochelle is continuing to fight this health battle with determination, strength, grace, and positivity. She has produced countless dance shows and puts her whole heart and soul into her productions, always demonstrating a passion for dance and the performing arts. The positivity and strength she has shown over these past months has made her a true
hero to all her dancers, family, and the dance community.
“Live Life to its Fullest” she says.


***We realize and understand this is a hard time for many right now due to Covid19.***

Our main goal with this walk is to show our support for Rochelle and spread awareness for Glioblastoma and this worthy cause.

It's free to enter the walk and everyone is invited to join.

Rochelle's Army will walk together (6 feet apart)

The team is encouraged to wear pink, black,white and denim. Fun accessories are encouraged!

Location and time of the walk will be disclosed closer to the date.

We want an Army behind Rochelle!

Take Care,

Micheline Rae
Rochelle's sister
(on behalf of Rochelle's Army)
The Dance Of Thrones 2 Fundraiser raised $14,200 for The Brain Tumour Foundation Of Canada*

**Info on Rochelle**   


We are very excited for the walk on Saturday. Here are some more details on the walk and directions for you to make it a little easier to find us.

Date: Saturday, June 27/20

Meeting Time: 10:30am check in.

Opening Ceremony: We will have a few speeches and then we will begin our walk along the river pathways, social distancing 6ft apart

Location: Edworthy Park - Site #9 - see map

Edworthy Park Info & Map:

From North Parking Lot:

It's your first right immediatly after you cross the bridge. Follow the path all the way down to end then turn left and you are there.

From South Parking Lot:

It's your first left immediatly after you have passed the train tracks . Follow the path all the way down to end then turn right and you are there.
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The current total amount raised for this city's Brain Tumour Walk is $62,556.84

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